3 Benefits of a Language Immersion Program for Your Child

24, Feb 2022

The benefits of knowing two or more languages are well documented. Many parents would like to provide their children with those benefits by encouraging bilingualism from a young age. One way to help your child get started on the process of learning a second language is to find a top-notch language immersion program. Keep reading to learn about three of the benefits your child will receive from language immersion.

Improved second language proficiency

There are a number of different approaches to teaching and learning a second language. If you have ever attempted to learn a second language as an adult, then you know that it can be a difficult process. Immersion programs typically provide better language acquisition results than many of the other teaching methods found in traditional programs. Putting your child in a language immersion program is a way for you to provide the best setting for true language acquisition.

Communication Development

A language immersion program can help your child learn a second language and improve communication development overall. Learning a new language will require your child to improve verbal, non-verbal, and listening skills that are part of every language. Language acquisition is about more than knowing the right words or correct grammar – it is about being able to communicate. In a language immersion program, your child will develop and practice communication skills such as asking and responding to questions, telling simple stories, speaking to the class during circle time, following directions, and using words to ask for help. The skills that are practiced in a language immersion program are skills that are important in everyday day life – no matter what language your child is speaking.

Growth in other areas

A high-quality language immersion program includes more than language lessons. For example, the language immersion programs at Fountainhead Montessori School are designed for children to learn in multiple areas while being in a second language environment. The language immersion classroom is set up like the other Montessori classrooms and provides students opportunities for self-directed learning and meaningful interactions with others. Learning a new language in this type of setting can help your child more easily integrate the language learning into daily life.

Childhood is one of the best times to get started on second language acquisition. Children are often more open and flexible when it comes to learning a second language. In an immersion setting, everyone is learning so the discomfort that comes with feeling like you are the only one who does not understand quickly evaporates. If you are interested in getting your child started in a language immersion program, reach out to Fountainhead Montessori School. At Fountainhead Montessori School, we offer Spanish immersion and Mandarin immersion. Schedule a time to observe a class to see for yourself what it is like in a language immersion classroom.

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what is montessori learning

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What is Montessori Learning?
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