3 Reasons to Consider Alternatives to Public Education

23, Mar 2021

Public school is a common choice for education but it is by no means the only option. The number of people who choose public school for their children can make it seem like it is the most popular choice. The truth of the matter is that many people do not take the time to evaluate the reasons they should consider alternatives to public education, such as private school. Your child’s education can shape many things, including how he or she feels about and approaches learning throughout life. It is worth a little bit of your time to explore reasons to consider alternatives to public education.

Class size

Class size in a private school versus a public school can vary significantly. Typically, the number of students in each public school classroom is significantly higher than the number you will find in a private school classroom. Public programs are designed to serve all students in a particular area. This means that, as an area grows, so do the public schools. This design makes it difficult for public schools to keep the class sizes small. Private programs have more control over class size because they can limit the number of students in the program. A public program may have to squeeze more students into a classroom in order to accommodate everyone while a private program will set up a waitlist if space fills up.

Educational philosophy

The educational philosophy of the school your child attends will dictate a wide range of elements. The way student progress is measured, the design of the classroom, and the curriculum are all factors impacted by educational philosophy. It is important to consider the educational philosophy of any program you consider to ensure that it aligns with your own educational philosophy. What do you think the goal of education should be? What do you think the role of the teacher is in the classroom? Questions like these will help you get to the core of your own educational philosophy. If the public school philosophy does not align with your own then you should look for an alternative that does align with your educational philosophy.

Enrichment opportunities

Enrichment opportunities like art, music, technology, chess, and language are an important part of a quality education. Public programs do offer some types of enrichment programs. However, there are some limitations because of logistics and the difficulty of bringing in new programing to a public school. Private schools can offer a wider variety of enrichment opportunities in part because it is easier logistically. In addition, a private program can tailor the enrichment programs they offer to align with their educational philosophy. Looking into alternatives to public education will help you see the various types of enrichment opportunities that are available.

Private school is an alternative to public education that you should consider for your child. Each private school is unique, which means that there is likely a program that will align with your educational philosophy and the needs of your child. Take some time to explore all of the options so you can feel good about the choice you ultimately make for your child.

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