Choosing a Montessori School for Your Child in Danville, CA

30, Jun 2022

Finding a Montessori school in Danville, CA that fits the needs of your student is not an out of reach desire for your family. Before beginning the application process for a local Montessori program for your child, taking the time to learn everything you can about the program will help you to form a full understanding of what the Montessori method is and what to expect for your child. By taking a look at a Montessori classroom in action, and gaining a clear picture of the general method, you should have a much better idea of what Montessori practices will look like for your child.

What is the Montessori method?

The Montessori method was created by Maria Montessori at the beginning of the 20th century. As a scientist, physician, and educator, Maria explored and observed how children learn and how to create the best learning environments for them. A few key components to a Montessori education are:

  • Choice gives students the advantage of allowing their own interests to motivate them in attempting and mastering a skill or concept.
  • Movement allows students to learn hands-on skills in all subjects like art, sensory activities, language, science, and math.
  • Organization skills are developed through orderly stations of activities. There are so many fun and interactive activities to participate in. But the simple rule of one thing at a time allows students to enjoy the station instead of dumping everything out and moving on to destroy another station. Students learn respect for the activity and for the act of picking up before they move to another station. Maria Montessori believed that order in the environment affected order in the mind. At the end of the day, the classroom should be as orderly as it began.

Language Immersion

Finding a Montessori school that offers a second language immersion program as well is also a great benefit that Danville residents can take advantage of. Participating in a Montessori classroom develops independence, organization skills, and coordination. Being in a classroom that has all of these familiar elements but also is conducted purely in a different language will give your child mental strength training as they sift and sort words in their minds and begin connecting information from these second language sounds.

For any questions you may have about enrolling your child in a traditional Montessori program or in a language immersion classroom, never hesitate to contact the Fountainhead administrative office at the Danville campus . Giving your child a firm foundation in learning and exploring with their hands has proven to be a gift throughout their lives. If you live in Danville and want to choose the best Montessori program for your child, contact Fountainhead Montessori School today!

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A Parent's guide to a montessori education for your child

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What is Montessori Learning?
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A parent's guide to a Montessori Education for your child
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