Determining if the Costs of Private School are Worth it For Your Child

05, May 2022

Because public school has been the standard of education in the United States for the most part, the potential of what children can achieve has been lost in standardized tests and a general one size fits all approach. But to take a step back to re-evaluate what you want for your child’s education, and often, what you do not want from a public school, has caused many parents to seek out alternatives and private school options. But private school can be expensive. As you begin determining if the costs of private school are worth it for your child, consider the invaluable benefit your student could receive from a school that is a perfect fit for them.

Cost of private school

In the United States, the average cost of private school for one student comes to be almost $12,000 for a single school year. In states like California, the average cost is a bit higher and closer to $15,000 a year. That is, without a doubt, a steep bill. The alternative could be homeschool options or sending your student to public school. With homeschool not being an option for everyone, and the downsides of public school becoming ever more apparent, the cost of a private school education becomes more and more necessary.  

 Benefits of a private school

  • Private schools can provide a higher academic standard because they do not have to stick with the tedious, time consuming, standardized requirements that public schools have to do.
  • Private schools have more flexibility in their programs so that the students get the attention they need.
  • Because of the intentional decision to attend a private school, there is an even bigger investment from the parents to check in and make sure their students are getting the education they need.
  • Smaller class sizes in a private school setting is a huge advantage because the teacher takes the time to be sure that everyone is on track. There are also fewer distractions from over-crowded classrooms.

Cost of public school

Everyone pays taxes that ultimately make up the cost for public school. But this is not the only cost that should be considered. In a large classroom with one teacher trying to not only keep everyone’s attention but also trying to make sure that everyone can pass the standardized tests that will have a huge impact on the teacher’s job and the reputation and funding for the school, your child’s education could be lost. As the parent, giving your child a feast of information and skills that will benefit them today as well as tomorrow and further, will set your child up for success in life. The cost of your child’s education falling through the cracks in a public school setting isn’t worth the actual dollars you would save.

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what is montessori learning

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What is Montessori Learning?
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A parent's guide to a Montessori Education for your child
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