Do Montessori Programs Accommodate Working Parents?

10, Mar 2020

You want to provide your child with the best possible education. Still, you also have to consider your schedule and the lifestyle of your family as you look at educational options. As a working parent, your schedule may not allow you to drop your child off at eight and be back by three for pickup every day of the week. For many working parents, piecing together options that provide your child with a place to be before and after school is critical. This process can be frustrating that ends with your student going from place to place, so you can start and finish your workday on time. If you are looking for a different option, consider a Montessori program designed to accommodate working parents. The programs available vary depending on the Montessori program you choose. All of the details outlined below are based on what is offered by Fountainhead Montessori.

Traditional school hours

At Fountainhead Montessori, the classroom hours follow a traditional schedule. Students in the kindergarten program and up get to school in the morning and finish in the afternoon. During the day, students receive instruction, work on assignments, get physical activity, participate in enrichment activities, and have lunch. The basic schedule is similar to what you will find in a traditional school setting. Fortunately, Fountainhead Montessori offers programs outside of the ‘normal’ school hours for student enrichment and to accommodate working parents.

Before care

Fountainhead Montessori offers before care for students who need to be dropped off before class time. Students can get to campus as early as 7 AM and participate in several different activities. There is a head teacher in the before care classroom who interacts with the children and provides opportunities for learning and interacting with others. Before care is in a relaxed and familiar environment, that will help your child transition seamlessly into the classroom once the day begins.


Aftercare at Fountainhead Montessori is an option that working parents have for after school care. Instead of coordinating transportation off campus for your student after school, you can choose aftercare and eliminate the stress of making sure your child gets where he or she needs to go. You can finish your day at work, knowing that your child is in a safe environment that provides opportunities for continued learning and relaxed play.

Third-party after school programs

Fountainhead also offers third-party after school programs. Examples of these programs include art workshop, science exploration, and American sign language. These programs are designed to build on learning done in the classroom and provide students with opportunities to explore interests. There is no extra coordination needed if you want your student to participate in one of these programs because they all happen on the FMS campus.

It is possible to find a Montessori program that accommodates working parents. The before and aftercare programs at FMS are convenient for parents and beneficial for students. Learn more by exploring the options available at the FMS campus near you.

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