Does a Montessori Education Benefit All Children?

10, Mar 2022

Every child deserves a quality education. There is much debate about what type of education will provide all children with what they need. The reality is that all children vary in the way they see the world, absorb information, and engage with the environment and others. Because of the differences in the way that children learn, it is difficult to imagine that there is a one-size-fits-all solution to education. It is true that approaching education exactly the same way for every child does not work. Public programs that attempt to provide the same education across the board do not serve the children who fall outside of the average very well. There is one type of school that can be beneficial to all children because of the approach to education in that school and that is Montessori.

Individualized instruction

The major reason why Montessori education can benefit all children is because the Montessori Method takes an individualized approach to instruction. The teacher interacts with and observes each child. The information that the teacher gathers from those interactions and observations is then used to create individualized learning plans for each student. The individualized approach makes it possible for children in the same classroom to get drastically different learning plans. This is a good thing because that means that each child is getting what he or she needs instead of following a plan designed for the masses.

Hands-on learning

There is an emphasis on hands-on learning in the Montessori classroom. Students get opportunities each day to engage with learning in multiple ways. Hands-on learning is something that all children do naturally with the world around them. The Montessori Method implements hands-on learning in order to meet children where they are so they will learn naturally. The emphasis on hands-on learning benefits all children who get a Montessori education.

Learning differences

Learning differences in the public school classroom are often approached in a number of ways. Students may be in a special classroom, go to intervention for extra help at different points during the day, or receive modified work. The Montessori Philosophy does not look at learning differences in the same way as traditional education. Since every child is viewed as an individual, it is expected that every student will have unique learning needs. The Montessori Method creates a space where all students – even those with learning differences – can thrive.

A Montessori education can benefit all students. The Montessori Method was developed initially to benefit children who did not thrive under traditional education. In the modern Montessori classroom, the individual needs of each student are still prioritized so learning is possible for any child who gets a Montessori education. You can see how learning differences are approached in the Montessori classroom by scheduling a time to observe a class at Fountainhead Montessori School.

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