How Do I Choose a Montessori School for My Child in Danville, CA?

11, Aug 2022

Parents are passionate about providing a well rounded education for their children. But for so long, many did not realize the number of options out there that could be found with a little research. Many parents are choosing to enroll their children in Montessori schools because of the vast number of skills learned as well as the flexible pace that can be adjusted for each individual child. But knowing how to choose a Montessori school for your child may seem a little intimidating. In Danville, CA, there are many intriguing programs offered to give your child a banquet of skills and information that will keep them wanting to learn more and more.

Understand the Montessori method

Making sure you understand the Montessori method will help you know what you are choosing for your child, as well as give you a firm foundation of what to expect from your student and from the school. As you look at different Montessori programs, touring the facility and observing a class will give you a headful of insight that would take a while to learn from just reading online. Watching the students choosing stations to work or play in that concentrate on a particular skill while having reading and math skills strengthened will help you visualize your own child in the mix.

Maintaining order

Maria Montessori believed that a cluttered room resulted in a cluttered mind. Even though the classroom is designed for children to have a say in their activities as well as having many children doing different things all at one time, the classroom should have a strong presence of order. Students should be sure to put all items involved in their station back to their rightful places before moving on to the next station. This helps keep the classroom clean and orderly and allows the next student to start with a clean station as well.

Choosing a Montessori school

When choosing the Danville Montessori program that is right for your child, consider what benefits you are wanting your child to partake in. Having a language immersion program may be a big draw for you. While maintaining the Montessori method, your child will get the benefit of being exposed to a second language while going through their stations and skills. Instead of formally learning the language, the language immersion program works as if your child was plopped down in a different country and has to absorb the language through context clues and facial expressions in order to make the connection of sounds into meaningful words.

Other benefits of a Montessori to look for are if a before and after school care is available, and if there are additional complementary programs that could enrich your child’s educational experience. In Danville, CA, Fountainhead Montessori School offers a plethora of complementary enrichment activities and programs as well as a language immersion program of both Spanish and Mandarin. If you are wanting to enroll your child in an excellent, well-established Montessori program, give Fountainhead Montessori School in Danville, CA a call today.

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A parent's guide to a Montessori Education for your child
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