How Much Does Private School Cost?

Every parent wants the best for their child when it comes to education. In many situations, private school is the best option. But, private school comes with a cost and that is a big concern for many families. If you are considering private school for your child then you need to know what you get for the price you pay and how to decide if the school you are considering is worth the cost.

What you are paying for with private school tuition

What does the price of private school tuition get you? The answer to this question is dependent upon the type of private school you choose. At Fountainhead Montessori your child will have a student to teacher ratio as low as 6:1 which is significantly smaller than the ratios you will find in public school. This smaller ratio allows for more individualized learning, customized schedules, and a larger variety of enrichment options. The cost of tuition also gets your child high quality before and after care at Fountainhead Montessori. If your child goes to public school the cost of before and after care will still exist without the added benefits that come with private school. When you consider the cost of before and after care it makes private school tuition seem much more affordable. You can also find private schools that give students a more rigorous and engaging education than most public schools. In addition, there is more flexibility in the private school schedule which has perks such as allowing your family to travel and avoid the crowds while public schools are still in session. Ultimately, the tuition you pay for a private education provides more options when it comes to your child’s education.

How to decide if the school you are considering is worth the cost

You will have to evaluate the tuition and offerings of each school you are considering to decide which is worth the cost. You will discover through your research that all private schools are not the same. For example, there are many schools that label themselves as Montessori but they can be vastly different from one another. You can learn a lot about what a school offers through online research. But, visiting the campus is the best way to really understand if a private school is a good fit for your child and worth the cost of tuition. A campus visit will give you an insider’s view of how a particular school operates. Some private schools even give parents the opportunity to observe a class in action. Visiting the campus and observing a class are two of the most effective ways to learn if the school you are considering is worth the cost.

The cost of private school is an important factor to consider as you explore options for your child’s education. But, do not let your concerns about tuition prevent you from exploring private education. As you dig deeper into everything private school has to offer you will find that the added benefits can outweigh the additional cost. Most private schools understand that cost can be a concern for parents and provide a number of tuition payment options.


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