How to Choose a Private School for Your Child in Danville, CA

21, Jul 2022

Having the weight of deciding where your child will begin their educational journey can be a difficult load to carry. Starting your child off on the right foot and fostering a love of learning in their first experience of formal learning could determine how they approach education throughout their childhood. But instead of looking all over the internet for what is the absolute best education possible, take a step back and bring your inquiry closer to home. Decide what is best for your family as a whole and what environment will be best for your child. Every young learner is unique and what education allows one to excel in may be frustrating and discouraging to another. Trying to figure out what is absolutely best is much more difficult than analyzing what is best for your family and your child. When choosing a private school for your child in Danville, CA, start with what you know and work out from there.

Start close to home

Unreasonable time in the car and frustration from getting to a school and getting home again can stress out parents, which in turn, stresses a child. Finding a school within so many miles from your Danville home or place of work will relieve this added stress each morning so you and your child can look forward to the day, instead of dreading traffic and time pressure to get everyone where they need to be. Figuring out the logistics is a great way to give yourself parameters when deciding on the right private school for your child.  

Method of learning

Once you have given yourself a radius in which to look for a private school, visit the different schools’ websites to determine the method that they use when instructing students. For Montessori schools, the classes will not be conducted from the front of a classroom, for instance. The students will be able to move freely around the room, deciding what new skill they want to tackle each day. The colorful, interactive classroom will teach your child independence, self-governing, and order as they are gently instructed by their teachers. If your child finds sitting in a chair difficult, a Montessori environment may be an excellent fit for your explorative child to thrive.

Observe the classroom

What looks right on paper, may look differently in person. Once you have narrowed down a short list of Danville private schools, schedule a visit to peek inside the classrooms and see what they look like in action. Try to picture your child in that environment. Ask questions about any concerns you have about your child fitting into the classroom and how the school's different systems work to keep you updated on the progress of your child.

If you live in Danville and want to choose the right private school for your child, be sure to give Fountainhead Montessori School a call to explore all the benefits and options the Danville campus has to offer your family. 

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what is montessori learning

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What is Montessori Learning?
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A parent's guide to a Montessori Education for your child
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