How to Determine if Your Child Will Thrive with a Private Education

30, Dec 2022

All children are different in the way that they learn and experience the world. Because of this, the one-size-fits-all approach to learning simply does not work for all children. Treating each student the same in public school may seem like the fair thing to do – everyone has access to the same education – but it is not the best thing to do for children who fall below or above the average. Parents often seek out private education when it becomes clear that public school is not the right fit for their child. How do you determine if your child will thrive in private education? By answering three simple questions you can determine if private school is the right option for your child.

Will your child do well with a smaller class size?

Smaller class size is one of the obvious differences between public and private schools. Public schools are often overcrowded as areas grow and change. The public school system has to accommodate students who live in the area whether or not they have the resources to meet the growing need. Private schools, on the other hand, have control over how many students get into a program. Once the program fills up, new admissions close and a waitlist is created. This design makes it possible for private schools to keep class sizes small. Will your child do well with the smaller class size that comes with a private education? In the vast majority of situations, the answer is yes.

Will your child benefit from an individualized learning plan?

As mentioned above, the design of public school is to provide the same opportunity to every student. The design of private school is to tailor education around the needs of each child. The individualized learning plan that you will find in a Montessori classroom, for example, is designed to help the student reach his or her full potential. The creator of the Montessori Method, Maria Montessori, found that approaching education individually allowed every child to learn and succeed. Will your child benefit from an individualized approach to education? Yes.

Will your child thrive in a child-centered environment?

The public school classroom is typically designed around the needs of the teacher. All of the desks or chairs face the area where the teacher is sitting or standing. The role of the students is to sit quietly and listen to what the teacher has to say. Children learn best through doing. Hands-on learning is by far the best way for students to truly grasp a concept. Private schools often provide a classroom environment that is child-centered. This design puts the needs of the child first so that learning is supported and not hindered by the environment.

Private school can be a great fit for a wide range of children. The individualized approach that is possible through private school can meet your child’s educational needs. Fountainhead Montessori School takes a child-centered, individualized approach to education. Schedule a time to observe a class and see for yourself all the ways that private school can benefit your child.

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