Is Montessori Preschool Expensive?

21, Aug 2023

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Generally speaking, childcare for your young children is a significant expense in the family budget. Depending on the childcare options available in your area, you may find that Montessori preschools are a little more expensive than other childcare settings. When looking at all the factors as a whole, however, the cost may become less of a factor when you consider the high quality education provided by a Montessori school environment.

What does Montessori offer?

In addition to lessons in reading and math, a Montessori educational experience provides a much broader range of opportunities than a traditional environment. Some unique features of Montessori schools may include:

  • smaller school environments that cultivate deeper community
  • language immersion programs where young children have the opportunity to learn a new language
  • highly trained teachers
  • before and after care hours for extended childcare opportunities
  • a range of topics for study including geography, science, other cultures, movement and peace education
  • high quality materials used for learning and reinforcing concepts
  • individualized instruction
  • ample time learning about and working in nature

Although the bottom line may be a little higher, the long-term benefits of a Montessori education can be worth the financial investment in the short-term.

Is Montessori worth it?

Because of the high quality education your child will receive at a Montessori school, the upfront costs may be more than other types of educational settings. Montessori teachers are highly trained to serve young children in their particular developmental stages. The ongoing trainings and benefit of retaining quality teachers mean that staff expenses may be more than other types of settings. Additionally, the Montessori materials are high quality and beautiful to engage the children and provide essential purposes for their learning. While added expenses, these things contribute to the overall educational experience that make Montessori a rich and worthwhile investment.

Montessori programs also often offer unique programs that provide an additional cost benefit for young children. All Montessori schools offer lessons in the core subjects of language, math, practical life and sensorial works. Additionally, though, many schools offer language immersion programs, music & movement, science, geography and art lessons. With a holistic approach to education, young children and be exposed to many different subjects and learn about interesting topics.

The long-term benefits provided by a Montessori education can be seen well into adulthood. Young children learn important skills such as independence, critical thinking, the decision-making process, organization and how to get along and contribute to a community. These are skills that help them become a successful learner and good citizen for their whole lives. Because young children’s brains are rapidly developing during these essential years, a Montessori education can provide a holistic foundation for the well-being of each child in the program.

When weighing your options for a childcare setting for your child, consider more than just the cost associated. A Montessori program like the one we offer at Fountainhead Montessori school can give your child the opportunity to reach their full potential. For more information about if Montessori is right for you child, contact us today to set up a tour.

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