Parental involvement is encouraged in Montessori programs. Each program is unique, so the amount and type of parental involvement that is in will vary. At Fountainhead Montessori parents are encouraged to be involved inside the classroom in many ways. Also, parents are provided with opportunities to meet with teachers and get an insider’s view of what is happening in the classroom.

Special projects

Throughout the year at FMS, students will have special projects that require a little extra help or supervision from an adult. When these projects arise, your student’s teacher will reach out for help from available parents. These projects will allow you to be in the classroom with your student.

Special interests

At FMS, we believe that each student is unique, and that belief extends to parents as well. There will be opportunities throughout the year for parents to get involved in the classroom by sharing areas of special interest. For example, if the class is learning about a topic of particular interest to you, it is an opportunity for you to share your expertise. Parents can give short talks or demonstrations on topics of interest that align with the classroom curriculum.

Cultural exploration

FMS is home to students and families from a variety of cultural backgrounds. These differences are celebrated, and cultural exploration is encouraged. Parents are invited to participate in special programs and share their cultural heritage with the classroom.

Reading enrichment

Parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles are encouraged to participate in the reading enrichment of students in the FMS classroom. There are opportunities for family members to read stories to the students. Also, there are often opportunities for parents to listen to students in the classroom to practice their reading.

Parent-teacher conferences

Twice per year, FMS teachers schedule individual conference times with parents. This is a time for you to discuss how your child is doing in the classroom. It also allows you to ask questions or address any concerns. You can always schedule additional conferences if you need to meet with your student’s teacher. These conferences are an important way for parents to get involved at FMS.

Parents only websites

Each classroom at FMS has a ‘parents only website’ that provides information about what is happening in the classroom. You can visit this website to get handouts, important information, and updates on what is coming up in the classroom. These websites are a way for you to stay up-to-date and feel connected.

At Fountainhead Montessori parental involvement is encouraged and welcomed. Parental involvement can provide support to the teachers and students alike. You can have a significant impact on your student’s experience with school and learning by being involved inside and outside of the classroom, you are unable to volunteer you can still be involved by keeping up with the information on the ‘parents only website’ and engaging with your child on the topics that are covered in class.

A Parents Guide To Montessori Education

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