Parent-Teacher Communication in Montessori Education

30, Sep 2021

The educational program you choose for your child will have a big impact on many elements of his or her life now and in the future. Montessori education stands out from other options because of the underlying philosophy on which it is based. The principal goal of Montessori education is to prepare students for success in life. Every aspect of Montessori education is intentionally designed with this goal in mind. The design of the classroom, the content of the curriculum, the expectations of the students, and the role of the teacher are all part of an overarching design with a long-term focus. Many of the families that choose Montessori education are initially drawn to the model because of the long-term focus. The families that choose Montessori are often eager to be part of the education process for their children. If you want to be involved in your child’s education, parent-teacher communication is an important factor to consider as you choose an educational program for your child. In Montessori education, parents are an important part of the learning process. Familiarizing yourself with the setup of parent-teacher communication in Montessori schools will help you have the right expectations.

Parent-teacher communication when you have questions or concerns

At Fountainhead Montessori School, parents are always welcomed to reach out to teachers with questions or concerns. The mornings and afternoons are difficult times to talk to your child’s teacher because those are times when students are arriving and going home. Logistically, it is difficult for the teacher to give you her full attention at these times of the day. The best way to communicate about questions or concerns is to reach out directly to your child’s teacher by calling after 12:15 or sending an email and scheduling a time that works for you and the teacher.

Opportunities to discuss your child’s progress

You may not have specific concerns or questions that arise throughout the year. However, that does not mean you are not interested in your child’s progress in the classroom. The Montessori Philosophy has a long-term view of the purpose of education and parents are an important part of the process. At Fountainhead Montessori School, all parents have the opportunity to attend a parent-teacher meeting two to three times per year. At these meetings, you will receive detailed information on your child’s development and progress.

Opportunities to visit the campus

Visiting campus and getting familiar with your child’s classroom can both help you have a clearer picture of what your child experiences at school each day. In turn, this can facilitate parent-teacher communication. At Fountainhead Montessori School, parents can schedule a time to tour the campus and observe a classroom. Once your child is enrolled, you will also have the opportunity to visit campus for ‘back-to-school night’. Time on campus will allow you to meet staff, interact with your child’s teacher, and get a firsthand view of the environment your child experiences each day.

Parents play an important role in the Montessori Method of education. At Fountainhead Montessori School we make it easy for parents and teachers to communicate because it supports the learning and long-term success of the students.

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