As you can imagine, the application process for Montessori and other types of private schools can vary significantly from program to program. There are, however, some basic elements of the application process that you will see in most places. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the process as you look into educational options for your child. All programs have application deadlines, and some have testing requirements that may require that your student be evaluated before you can proceed with the process. Learning about the application process will help you ensure that you meet all of the required deadlines and have time to gather the necessary documentation. Keep reading for a description of the application process for Fountainhead Montessori School so you can gain an understanding of what to expect.

Visit the campus

The first step in the application process for Fountainhead Montessori School is to go to the campus with your child for observation. This is a time for you to observe a class, tour the campus, and talk to admissions about what FMS has to offer your child. Observing a class will help you understand how the Montessori Method is applied in the classroom. The process of observing a class may also answer many of the questions you have about the structure, design, and instruction style in the Montessori classroom. Touring the campus can help your child start to feel comfortable about starting a new program. Helping your child establish these initial expectations is an important part of a smooth transition to Fountainhead Montessori School.

Complete the enrollment application

Once you complete a campus visit – and determine that FMS is the right choice for your student – the next step in the process is to complete the enrollment application. The enrollment application will ask for information and documentation that is necessary to get your student enrolled. The preschool application asks for contact information, medical history, campus preference, and payment information. The elementary program application is more involved; it asks parents to answer a list of questions, provide a release of school records from previous programs, and asks for permission to get feedback from previous teachers.

Schedule a time for assessment

Students applying for the elementary program at Fountainhead Montessori School are required to complete an assessment before being admitted. You will schedule a time for your student to spend two consecutive days at FMS. The first day is a time for your student to get acquainted, and the second day is the assessment. Once the assessment is completed, you will receive an admissions decision within two weeks.

The application process at Fountainhead Montessori School looks slightly different depending on the age of your student. The good news is that you do not have to try and navigate this process on your own – we are here to help! If you are interested in FMS for your student, start by scheduling a time to observe a class.

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