When to Start the Process of Applying to Private School

08, Jul 2021

The process of putting your child in private school looks a lot different from the process of signing up for public school. Getting starting in public school is a matter of providing a few pieces of documentation. Private school bases admission on factors beyond the basics that public programs require. This is because admission to a particular public school is based on where you live. Admission to private school is not based on the location of your residence, although it does help to have your child go to a private school that is conveniently located. Private school admission is based on factors like your child’s needs, abilities, and your own educational philosophy. If you want your child to go to private school then it is important to get started on the process of applying.

Why is there application process for private school?

The exact application process for private school will vary with each program. However, there are some elements that are typical at the majority of private programs. You will fill out an application – most programs make these available online – that includes basic information about your child. Many private schools also require an assessment before enrollment. The assessments are designed to help with placement within the program and to determine the specific educational needs of your child. There are some private schools that are designed specifically to serve gifted children. These programs may have minimum requirements for the assessment before granting admission. Other private schools simply use the results of the assessment to better serve the needs of your child.

Is there anything else required during the application process?

Some programs require an in-person element when applying to private school. For example, there may be an interview process or in-person assessment. At Fountainhead Montessori School, children who are applying for the lower and upper elementary programs will need to come to the campus for an observation appointment. This appointment provides the student and parents with an opportunity to see the campus and develop some realistic expectations about the program.

When is the right time to start applying to private school?

The private school application process can take time. It is important to get started early enough that everything can be processed by the time you want your child to start. If you are looking to start your child in the fall semester, get started with the application process in the spring if at all possible. If the semester you are hoping to start your child is coming quickly or has already started, contact the school. You may be able to get your child admitted to the program mid-semester or have the application process expedited. Private programs have a lot of freedom when it comes to deciding how they handle logistics such as the admissions process.

The application process to Fountainhead Montessori School is easy to navigate and complete. Start by looking online for the application that coincides with your child’s age. Once you fill out the online application, get in touch with Fountainhead Montessori School to make your observation appointment.

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