Why Should I Enroll My Child in a Montessori School and Not Public?

06, Mar 2023

With so many options for schooling your children, it can be challenging to know what is the best fit for your family. Public schools are readily available and free, but other options may serve your children better. After some research, you may wish to enroll your child in a Montessori school rather than public due to the many benefits a Montessori education can offer.

Advantages of the Montessori Method

Individualized instruction: In a Montessori classroom, the children move through the lessons methodically. As they master a lesson, the teacher introduces a new lesson that builds on those skills. Because of this, students do not have to move at a pre-determined pace like in a public school classroom. Students can spend more time learning skills when they need extra help, and can keep their momentum moving when they need to stay challenged.

Hands-On Learning: The Montessori lessons are very hands-on for young children. The dynamic materials and movement during learning gives children a greater understanding of the lessons. Oftentimes the whole-class learning in a public school doesn’t allow for a lot of movement. Research shows that children learn best when using their hands and visually seeing a lesson rather than just hearing alone. The Montessori curriculum provides an interactive experience for the children that is very different from the typical public school classroom.

Social-Emotional Skills: Because of the structure and culture of the Montessori classroom, children naturally grow in their social-emotional intelligence. Children must learn how to get along with each other in many ways. They must take turns with the classroom materials, they learn many grace and courtesy lessons that guide how they coexist in the classroom, and older and younger children learn to be compassionate to one another. The natural set-up of a Montessori classroom lends itself to these social lessons that may not occur as directly in a public school setting.

Independence: The individualized instruction in the Montessori classroom means that children must often work independently. The teachers are intended to guide the learning, so children take the lessons they are given and use their time in the classroom to practice the skills over and over. Children learn to be responsible for their own learning and must adhere to the classroom expectations to keep a peaceful classroom.

Other benefits of a Montessori school:

  • Consistent before and after school care
  • Smaller school communities
  • Supportive partnerships with parents and families
  • Specialized programs such as language immersion, music or yoga
  • Nature-based
  • Well-rounded curriculum with lessons in geography, art, science and grace & courtesy in addition to the core subjects

The unique design of a Montessori environment may provide a tempting alternative to the public school options available to your family. If you decide you should enroll your child in a Montessori school and not public, the benefits can last a lifetime. Fountainhead Montessori would love the opportunity to share more about the Montessori Method with you. Schedule a tour with us today.

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A Parent's guide to a montessori education for your child

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what is montessori learning

Download Our E Book
What is Montessori Learning?
Download Our E Book
A parent's guide to a Montessori Education for your child
Download Our E Book
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