3 Benefits of a Private Early Childhood Education

15, Oct 2019

The early years of your child’s life are foundational to his or her personal and academic development. These years are a time of discovery and constant learning. Young children are excited to explore and learn naturally when provided with the opportunity. An early childhood education program can tap into your child’s natural curiosity and provide many benefits that support your child throughout his or her academic career. You can find private early childhood education programs that are uniquely designed to meet the needs of your pre-kindergarten aged child. A well-designed program can help your child transition into the classroom, build confidence and independence, and lay a strong educational foundation.

Transition into the classroom

The first goal of a private early childhood education program is to help your child transition into the classroom. If your child has not spent time in a daycare or classroom, setting the transition to an early childhood education program can seem daunting. Even if your child has been in some childcare program, change can be difficult. The best programs have teachers and other staff who are trained to meet both the academic and emotional needs of their students. They understand the developmental needs of pre-kindergarten aged children and can help ease any struggles that your child may have while transitioning into the classroom setting.

Build confidence and independence

A private early childhood education can help build confidence and independence in your child. The number of days and amount of time he or she spends in the classroom can vary depending on the needs of your family. Even the shortest program length – two half days per week for children under three – can help your child gain confidence and independence. For example, in the Montessori classroom, pre-kindergarten aged children engage in practical life activities, sensorial exploration, art media exploration, pre-reading/pre-math experiences, and language development. All of these activities provide your child with opportunities for hands-on learning. Two of the main categories for activities of practical life include ‘caring for self’ and ‘caring for the environment.’ Simple tasks like handwashing and clearing the table can be exciting for young children as they learn to do them independently. You can choose a private early childhood education program that is designed to help your child develop confidence and independence through learning.

Lay a strong educational foundation

Another important benefit of private early education is that it can help lay a strong educational foundation for your child. Early childhood is an important time of learning and growth. Your child can receive long-term benefits from attending a program that establishes good learning habits from the beginning. A well-designed program will provide your child with developmentally appropriate instruction, activities, and opportunities for independent learning. A private early childhood education program can help your child develop a love for learning now that can benefit him or her in every stage of life.  

The potential benefits of a private early childhood education highlight the importance of carefully choosing the program your child attends. Take the time to research the philosophy and structure of any program you are considering. Finding a program that meets the unique learning needs of your young child is worth the time and effort you will spend exploring and observing the options in your area.

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what is montessori learning

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What is Montessori Learning?
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