3 Reasons Montessori School is the Best Choice for Early Childhood Education

20, Mar 2020

As a parent, you likely feel the weight of trying to determine the best choice for your child’s early education. How will you know if you are making the best choice for your child’s education? What type of impact does early childhood education have on future learning? If you make the wrong decision now, will your child be behind when it is time for kindergarten or elementary school? These are big questions that most parents struggle with, as they consider early childhood education options. Fortunately, Montessori education provides you with an opportunity that will help your child learn practical skills and develop a robust educational foundation, all while considering the whole child. The design of the Montessori early childhood education program at Fountainhead Montessori can provide your child with what he or she needs now and in the future.

Engage in practical life activities

Practical life activities are a core part of early education in the Montessori classroom. Practical life activities include a long list of tasks that children and adults do daily. These activities include, but are not limited to, washing hands, putting on and taking off a coat, cleaning up, organizing, and treating others courteously. Many of these practical life activities are hands-on and engage a wide range of the student’s senses. Young children are excited to learn these tasks because it helps them feel grownup and empowered. The practical life activities that students learn in a Montessori program will help students beyond the classroom in all areas of life.  

Lay a foundation to build upon

The overarching goals of Montessori early education are to help students have a positive first school experience, build confidence, and develop independence. When students move on from early education to kindergarten and beyond, the foundation that they developed will serve them well as they face more challenging content.

Take the whole child into consideration

Montessori school is the best choice for early childhood education because it considers the whole child. At Fountainhead Montessori, we want to help your child develop into an independent and life-long learner. To reach that goal, we consider the whole child when designing the classrooms, developing curriculum, and choosing enrichment programs. We do not measure your child on arbitrary test scores or the completion of an irrelevant list of work. Instead, we focus on the progress your child has made because, ultimately, that is the way to determine if learning has occurred.

If you are on the search for an early childhood education program, consider Montessori. The design of Montessori programs – at every level – is much different from what you will find in a typical daycare or preschool. You can schedule a time to observe a class and see for yourself why Montessori school is the best choice for your child’s early education.

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what is montessori learning

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What is Montessori Learning?
Download Our E Book
A parent's guide to a Montessori Education for your child
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