Benefits of Individualized Instruction in the Montessori Classroom

14, Apr 2022

Individualized instruction is a unique element of the Montessori classroom. The teacher does not create one lesson plan that is designed for the whole class. Instead, the teacher creates an individualized learning plan for each student in the class. This is a more difficult way to run a classroom but the benefits make it well worth the effort.

Advanced students do not have to wait for others to catch up

Individualized instruction in the Montessori classroom allows advanced students to continue progressing. In a typical classroom, advanced students spend a lot of time waiting for others to keep up. This can lead to boredom and often opens the door for behavior issues. In the Montessori classroom, advanced students do not have to wait for the rest of the class in order to move forward. The individualized approach to instruction means that advanced students have the ability to continue moving through concepts at their own pace.

When students struggle, they get time to fully master the concept

Individualized instruction can also benefit students when they struggle with a concept or subject. There is no pressure for a struggling student to move past a concept before fully grasping it. The student can spend as much time as he or she needs on a topic in order to achieve mastery. This eliminates the stress that comes with struggling with a topic. When students understand that they will get the time and instruction they need, it frees them to focus on learning.

Students get to learn in ways that interest them

Individualized instruction also provides students with the opportunity to learn in ways that interest them. The teacher in the Montessori classroom gets to know each student and learns their interests. Then, the teacher uses that information to include the child’s interests in the learning process. Maria Montessori – the creator of the Montessori Method – found that children will spend more time in focused learning when they are interested in what they are learning about. This factor is considered for each child as the teacher creates individualized learning plans.

All learning styles can thrive

Another major benefit of individualized instruction in the Montessori classroom is that it creates an environment where all learning styles can thrive. Children learn in different ways. The individualized approach to instruction allows the teacher to take learning style into account and customize a plan based on the way each student learns best.

The benefits of individualized instruction are far reaching. This model will allow your child to thrive in the classroom and establish a firm foundation for future learning. It will also help your child come to recognize how he or she learns best. This can benefit your child in the future and help him or her become a life-long learner. If you are wondering how individualized instruction can work in a classroom, schedule a time to observe a class at Fountainhead Montessori School.

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