No parent wants to believe that their child gets lost in the shuffle when it comes to education. Unfortunately, this can easily happen in public schools that are over-crowded and over-burdened. Many families look at private school programs in order to get a more individualized education for their children. Every child can experience a number of important and lasting benefits from an individualized education.

Each child has unique learning needs

In public education, the way that schools measure success is typically based on some type of standardized test scores. The focus is on ensuring that students learn the material that will be tested, so they do well when the time comes to take the test. This approach is focused on how the school as a whole is doing. If the school as a whole is doing well, then that means the individual student is doing well, right? The problem with this view is the fact that each child has unique learning needs. Teachers may be able to get most students to pass the standardized tests, but that is not an accurate measure of the progress of each individual child. Getting good at taking tests is not the same as learning. In a private school setting, teachers and administrators have the freedom to focus on the unique learning needs of each child instead of standardized testing. This design will help your child make meaningful and lasting progress in his or her education.

Every child can benefit from individualization in the classroom

Every child can benefit from individualization in the classroom, gifted children, and those who struggle in some areas. In the Montessori classroom, each student gets an individualized learning plan that is developed by the teacher. This individualization helps ensure that your student gets what he or she needs in the classroom.

An individualized education allows for self-directed learning

Individualization in education also helps your student develop skills and characteristics that are important beyond the classroom. For example, in the Montessori classroom, students have options when it comes to how and what they learn. Through the individualized learning plans, the teacher provides a number of learning options developed for each child. The student gets to choose between those options, which helps create a sense of personal responsibility for learning. This process can help your child become a self-directed and life-long learner.

If you want to provide your child with the benefits of individualized education, consider Fountainhead Montessori School. The school is designed with the individual child in mind and will provide the benefits outlined above as well as many others. You can learn more about what Fountainhead Montessori School has to offer by scheduling a time to observe a class.

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