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29, May 2023

Finding the best preschool in Danville, CA may be easier than you think. Fountainhead Montessori offers an array of quality programs using the Montessori method of education. In addition, FMS provides before and after care opportunities, as well as summer programs to provide flexible childcare that is convenient for your family.

Why Montessori?

If you are unfamiliar with Montessori, you may only know a small fraction of what the Montessori approach is really all about. Many misconceptions about Montessori have found their way into the viral social media culture, but don’t truly convey the depth and scope of the Montessori philosophy. The Montessori method was developed by a doctor, Maria Montessori, many years ago when she observed the developmental needs of young children. Using her medical background and observational notes, she created what we now know as Montessori education. Modern educational research has supported the findings of Dr. Montessori, confirming the high quality of the Montessori approach. 

What Makes a Montessori Preschool Different?

Independence: Montessori encourages independence using the child’s natural desire to complete tasks on their own and excitement for the weight of responsibility. Children are given a great deal of freedom to choose activities and maintain a peaceful working environment. With the guidance of the teacher, students learn to live harmoniously together and engage with meaningful activities. This is one of the highlights of the Montessori preschool classroom.

Real-World Activities: Maria Montessori observed long ago that children took great joy in activities that adults often view as mundane. To children, these are exciting and give them a lot of joy when they complete them on their own. For example, in a Montessori classroom, children are encouraged to care for themselves and the environment by cleaning up spills, sweeping and helping prepare snacks.

Mixed-Age Classrooms: In Montessori classrooms, children are divided by planes of development rather than a single age. Toddler classrooms start at 18 months and go through 3 years old. Once the child is ready for a primary classroom, they will move into a class with children ages 3 to 6. This gives the children opportunities to learn from older children and eventually become leaders within their community. The teacher guides the children for many years, allowing them to really get to know the students and push them to reach their full potential. The mixed-age classroom provides a continuity that offers stability for young children during these critical years.

Enrichment Programs: Montessori schools often have programs that provide opportunities for students that go beyond the core subjects of math and reading. At Fountainhead in Danville, some of the programs we provide to students include a Mandarin language immersion program, music, interactive science and gardening. Because the Montessori approach focuses on the education of the whole child, Montessori preschools seek to provide a variety of activities to engage students.

 At Fountainhead, we pride ourselves on providing a safe and welcoming environment for all our families and truly strive to be the best preschool in Danville, CA. If you would like to learn more about the Montessori method and if FMS is a good fit for your family, contact us today to schedule a tour.

What is Montessori Learning? | FMS

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what is montessori learning

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What is Montessori Learning?
Download Our E Book
A parent's guide to a Montessori Education for your child
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