Can I Enroll My Child in a Montessori School During Any Time of the Year?

15, Feb 2022

There are multiple reasons why you may be seeking to start your child in a Montessori program during a time of year that is different from the beginning of the year. Moving to a new area or discovering that the program your child is currently in does not fit are common reasons for a mid-year or mid-semester start in Montessori school. You can enroll your child in Montessori school during any time of the year as long as there is a spot available in the program.

Beginning of the school year

The beginning of the school year is the ideal time to enroll your child in a Montessori program. Private Montessori programs plan for the year based on student enrollment at the beginning of the year. The number of teachers they need and how students will be dispersed in the classrooms are both impacted by enrollment at the beginning of the school year. You will also have a better chance of getting a spot in the Montessori program for your child if you are proactive about seeking admission early in the year.

Beginning of a semester

A mid-year change in school is another time that can be simpler logistically. The second semester of the school year typically feels like a new start. All the students in the classroom will be returning from a break and will need to grow accustomed to the schedule of school once again. This may help ease the transition for your child because all of the other children are transitioning as well. The mid-year semester may also be a time when spots open up as other families make moves. It is common for families to try and allow their kids to finish out a semester before moving.

During a current semester

There are situations when you simply do not have the ability to wait for a new school year or a new semester. It is possible to get your child started in Montessori school mid-semester. The design of Montessori school means that your child will not be behind on critical instruction with a mid-semester start. Montessori programs are designed to address the needs of each individual child. This means that your child’s teacher will create a learning plan for him or her that is individualized. This unique design makes transitions into a new school much easier for students.


Some Montessori programs – like Fountainhead Montessori School – offer summer camps, classes, and care. Summer can be a great time to introduce your child to Montessori education and get prepared for the upcoming school year.

A school transition or new beginning can be scary for a child. The good news is that Montessori school can provide a smooth transition for your child by addressing his or her individual needs. Schedule a time to observe a class at Fountainhead Montessori School and talk about options for enrolling your child.

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