Choosing a Preschool for Your Child in Danville, CA

23, Oct 2023

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As your baby grows, you may be wondering how to go about finding the best preschool for your child. There are many factors to consider as you search for the right fit for your child and the rest of your family. You want to be confident in your decision to comfort you as you leave your child in a Danville learning facility for the first time. Carefully weigh all your options and try to think through what the impact will be on the rest of the family.


One crucial consideration and one that is easy to find out is what other parents are saying about the school. A quick online search will bring up numerous reviews of satisfied and dissatisfied parents who have something to say about the school. If there are mostly good reviews but it has a few bad reviews with specific issues, you could ask the school administration general questions about the topic that could help you make a decision.

Having a family or friend who has children that attend the preschool you are looking at is always an excellent way to get first hand information about a school.


While you may want your child to go to a particular school, if you don’t live within a certain distance, it just isn’t practical. Look at your schedule as well as your spouse’s and decide how far you are willing to drive to drop off your child in the morning and pick them up when their program ends each day that they are enrolled. With a particular time frame in mind, you will be able to draw a radius from your Danville home or work to determine where the school can be located. Now that you have narrowed your search, you can begin looking in that general vicinity.

Learning method

Research a few different learning methods used to teach preschoolers. If your three year old often learns through play, a hands-on Montessori program may be the perfect fit, especially if your child is an independent learner. For other children who learn through verbal instruction in a group setting, a more traditional school environment may be more appropriate. Either way, researching the type of educational philosophy for each preschool you are considering will help you know what you may be signing your child up for.

Enrichment activities

Because preschool is your child’s first exposure to school, you want to make sure it leaves a lasting positive impression. Special enrichment activities can make going to school exciting and fun. Whether through sports, science activities, or even language immersion programs, your child will have experiences they will remember throughout their lives.

For Danville parents on the search for the best preschool for their children, consider enrolling in our Fountainhead Montessori School’s Danville campus. Your child will learn important and practical skills about cleaning up after themselves, how to learn independently, and how to strengthen their fine motor skills. Give our Danville campus a call today.

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