Continue Your Child’s Learning with Montessori Summer School

27, May 2021

Learning does not have to stop when the normal school year has ended. There are options for continuing your child’s learning through the summer with Montessori Summer School. The summer can provide a number of unique opportunities for learning that are different from what your child will experience during the school year. At Fountainhead Montessori School, there are several options for summer school that will allow your child to continue learning and have some fun.

Continued instruction in the core subjects

Montessori summer school can continue your child’s learning in the core subjects such as math, language, and writing. The program at Fountainhead Montessori School that is designed for kindergarten through 6th grade focuses on math, language, and writing during the morning session. Each of the subjects are taught using the individualized approach that students experience during the regular school year. Students will have the same opportunities to work individually and in groups that they get during the year. This setup will let your child grow in understanding and skill in these core subject at a pace that is right for him or her.

Hands-on themed activities

Summer school provides opportunities for your child to engage in unique enrichment activities. These sessions provide plenty of opportunities for students to participate in hands-on learning. Each session during summer school at Fountainhead Montessori School includes enrichment activities based on a particular theme. The theme for session one is ‘mapping our world’. In this session, students will explore world geography, types of maps, map-making, and why different types of maps were made. The theme for session two is ‘exploring art techniques and history’. In session two, students will explore the history of various art techniques while creating with natural dyes, pigments, and different types of materials. Students will create many of the materials they will be using, including making natural watercolors, experimenting with natural dyes, making 3-dimensional art with clay and salt dough, and exploring texture and repeating patterns with stamps and tessellations. These themed summer sessions are a lot of fun for students and allow them to continue their learning all summer long.

Summer school at Fountainhead Montessori is a great option for keeping your children engaged in learning throughout the summer. The program is still based on the core tenets of the Montessori Method. However, the schedule and setup of summer school at Fountainhead Montessori School is different enough that students will feel like they are experiencing something set apart from the regular school year. You can put your child is summer school for both sessions or choose one. You have the flexibility to tailor your child’s summer school experience to fit around your family plans. You can learn more about summer school - including dates and tuition - on the Fountainhead Montessori website.

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