Danville, CA Preschool Options

15, May 2023

When searching for a preschool, Montessori schools may be at the top of your list. One of the best preschool options found in Danville, CA includes Fountainhead Montessori which offers a caring childcare environment that cultivates a love of learning and critical thinking skills based on the Montessori philosophy. When you are searching for a preschool for your young children, it’s important to consider your family values and how you would like for them to align in a childcare setting. The needs of your family are of utmost importance to determine the facility that will be the best fit for your family.

What Does High Quality Education Look Like?

A preschool that provides a high quality education will have a guiding curriculum teachers will use to engage children in learning and motivate them to reach their full potential. Early childhood education is often seen as less important than the elementary years, but research has shown that children learn and develop more in the first six years of their lives than any other time after. This is because their brain is rapidly developing and soaking in bits and pieces of the information around it. A reputable preschool will understand the critical nature of this time in a child’s life and will provide an array of opportunities to stimulate the educational growth in each child. 

Language Immersion Programs

Because of the adaptive nature of the young child’s brain, language immersion programs are an effective tool to teach young children multiple languages. In Danville, Fountainhead Montessori offers a Mandarin immersion program that provides children with a foundation in the Mandarin language taught through the Montessori method. In this program, children have the opportunity to be exposed to the Mandarin language in a similar way to how they learned their first language.

Before and After Care

Finding a school that meets the needs of your family is extremely important. If both parents work full time, you will probably need a preschool with extended hours. Fountainhead Montessori can provide a consistent environment from school to after-care to meet the flexibility needs of your family. In addition, Fountainhead offers summer programs so families can take advantage of continuous care throughout the year.

Enrichment Classes

Many preschools offer interesting classes in addition their core subjects. These may include music, movement or art. These may happen everyday, once a week, or during special break or summer sessions. If you are interested in your child participating in enrichment activities, it’s a good idea to ask what kinds of programs are offered in the school. At the Danville campus of Fountainhead Montessori, we offer programs such as music, interactive science and gardening in addition to the core Montessori lessons.

With many childcare centers available, it’s important to understand the scope of program offerings in your Danville, CA preschool options. If you are in other parts of the Bay Area, we also have campuses in Orinda, Livermore and Pleasant Hill to conveniently serve your family. A quality Montessori education will serve your child for many years to come. Our teachers are ready to join forces with you to partner in giving your child the best educational foundation possible.

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What is Montessori Learning?
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A parent's guide to a Montessori Education for your child
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