Do Private Programs Admit Students Throughout the Year?

07, Sep 2021

There is a long list of possible reasons you may need to move your child to a private school program after the year has started. Family changes, a big move, or a public school program that does not meet your child’s needs are all potential reasons for making a change. The rules about public school are clear – the school has to make room for any school-aged child that moves into the district. Private programs have more control over the admissions process so you may be questioning whether or not a particular program will admit your child. The broad answer is that every program is different.

Reasons why a private program will deny admission throughout the year

Private programs have more control over the admissions process than public schools. This fact often draws families to private programs. When a program can control who is admitted, it can control classroom size. Classroom size is often an issue in public schools as areas grow. Many public programs cannot keep up with the growth and are forced to put more and more children in each class. This increases the student to teacher ratio and can have a negative impact on the quality of education. Private programs combat this issue by limiting admission. When a classroom gets to a certain level the administration can decide that the program is full. If you are interested in a private program that is at capacity, you may find that you cannot get your child into the program midyear. Some private schools provide a waiting list option for families that are set on getting into a specific school. Others will recommend applying for admission for the upcoming term.

How to determine if a particular program offers admission throughout the year

The only way to determine if a program offers admission throughout the year is to look into that particular program. You may be able to look online for general admission information. It is best to reach out directly to the administration of the program in which you hope to enroll your child. You can learn if admission is open and whether or not there is a waiting list.

Perks of enrolling your child in a private program midyear

It is ideal to get your child started in an educational program at the beginning of a school year or semester. However, there are times when your child must make a transition midyear. One of the major perks of switching to a new program midyear is that you can observe the actual class your child will attend. At Fountainhead Montessori School, for example, a campus tour and class observation are part of the admissions process. You can get a peek into the actual classroom that your child will go to at Fountainhead Montessori School. This can help both you and your child feel good about making a transition after the school year has begun.

There are private school programs that admit students throughout the school year. If you are looking for a private program for your child in Dublin, Orinda, Pleasant Hill, Livermore, or Danville, consider Fountainhead Montessori School. The programs are always opened for new students as long as there is space in the classroom. If the program is full, FMS can get your child on the waiting list and give you a call once a spot opens up.

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