Do Teachers in Private School Require More Training?

24, Dec 2020

Parents who consider private school for their children do so for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons include higher academic standards, smaller class sizes, and a wider range of enrichment opportunities. Whatever your reasons for considering private school, it is important to consider the type of training that the teachers are required to receive. The design of private programs is different than what you will find in a public program, and that includes the requirements for teacher training. Learning about teacher requirements for the private schools you are considering will help you determine which program is the best fit for your child.

Private schools have more freedom when it comes to developing teacher requirements

Private schools have more freedom when it comes to developing teacher requirements. Private programs do not have to follow the same state regulations as public schools. This means that it is up to the private program's leadership to decide what the teacher requirements should be. Some schools may have more rigorous requirements than a typical public program as far as formal education is concerned. Other programs may put a bigger emphasis on practical knowledge and experience when setting up teacher requirements. Do not assume that the teacher requirements at every private school you consider are the same. The requirements will vary from program to program. Ask each private school you are considering to provide you with information about teacher training requirements. This information can help you decide which program has the same standards as you do for teacher training.

Private school teachers have to learn the core tenets of the school's driving philosophy

Teachers in private programs are usually required to learn the core tenets of the school's driving philosophy. In some situations, this requires formal training. For example, Montessori programs require teachers to go through training that teaches them about the philosophy behind and implementation of the Montessori Method. In this situation, the private school classroom teachers are often required to have more training than a teacher at a public school.

Expectations of teachers are often higher in private programs

Parents who sent their children to private schools do so to find a program with higher academic standards. If you want your child to be held to higher academic standards, then it makes sense to expect more from the teachers in the program as well. As outlined above, private programs have the freedom to set teacher training expectations. A program that imposes rigorous standards on the students can do the same when it comes to the expectations of the teachers.

There is not a direct answer to the question of whether private school teachers are required to have more training. In some cases, the expectations for teachers are much higher in private programs. You will have to learn about teacher expectations for each individual private program you consider. If a Montessori program is on your list, you can learn more about the training that Montessori teachers receive from the Fountainhead Montessori Adult Education website.

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