Does a Montessori Education Serve Students Well in College?

11, May 2021

A Montessori education differs from a public education in a number of ways. Many public schools place a big emphasis on test scores and college preparation. Because of this, some parents have questions about how the differences in Montessori education impact student preparation for college. Does a Montessori education serve students well in college? A Montessori education does serve students well in college because it is designed to prepare students for success in life, puts an emphasis on mastery over test scores, and helps develop self-directed learners.

Views education as preparation for life

One of the core tenets of the Montessori philosophy is that education should prepare students for success in life. This means that students learn how to learn instead of focusing on how to do well on tests. Teaching a child how to find the information and gain the knowledge that he or she needs is a skill that will be useful in college and beyond. One of the ways that a Montessori education prepares students for life and college is by encouraging exploration. The deepest learning occurs when students have the ability to explore a topic that is of interest to them. Exploration is an essential part of the learning process in early education, college, and throughout life. The Montessori Philosophy focuses on the long-term goals for students so they are prepared for college and beyond.

Focuses on mastery

A Montessori education will serve students well in college because there is a focus on mastery for each student. Students in the Montessori classroom are provided with individualized learning plans. This means that each student is provided the time and space to master a topic before moving on to something else. Students are able to do deep work until they truly grasp a concept. It is not about cramming in the information long enough to do well on a test. Instead, students internalize the concepts so they can carry that knowledge and build upon it as they continue their education.

Develops self-directed learners

Another way a Montessori education can serve students well in college is by helping them become self-directed learners. A self-directed learner is someone who can learn and seek out knowledge without needing direct supervision or instruction. In the Montessori classroom, this is accomplished by giving students options about what and how they learn and then providing them with the space to dive in and explore. Being a self-directed learner is essential for success in college because higher education requires a significant amount of independence.

The unique design of a Montessori education can serve students well in college and beyond. The dedication to long-term goals for education makes a Montessori program a great choice if you have plans for your child to pursue higher education.

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