Does the State of California Regulate Private Schools?

04, Jan 2022

The state of California has a specific set of regulations that apply to all public schools. These regulations are designed to ensure that every student in California has access to the same level of education. Unfortunately, the regulations that the state puts on public schools can also make it difficult for children who do not fit the average to get the education they need. Parents who are looking for options that offer something beyond the strict regulations of the state often consider private school. The state of California does not regulate private schools in the same way it regulates public programs. This means that private programs can choose their own educational philosophy, decide on teacher training standards, and implement enrichment opportunities without dealing with the red tape that comes with following state regulations.

Educational philosophy

The educational philosophy of a school informs every aspect of the program. The curriculum that is used in the program, classroom design, and the overall goal of education are all determined by the educational philosophy. Public programs in California operate under the educational philosophy dictated by the state. Private schools have the freedom to choose their own educational philosophy.

Teacher training

The state of California sets the requirements for teacher training in public schools. The education and formal training that public school teachers are required to receive is the same throughout the state. Private programs, on the other hand, can set their own standards for teacher training. Teachers in private schools are not required by the state of California to be certified. As long as the person is ‘capable of teaching’, as determined by the private program, then they can teach. This gives private schools the freedom to choose teachers based on their own set of criteria.

Enrichment opportunities

In public school programs, it can be difficult to bring in enrichment opportunities. There is red tape that adds complications to starting anything new in public schools. Private programs do not have to deal with the same level of red tape. The teachers and administration in private schools can bring in enrichment programs quickly and without any interference from the state. Because of this, private programs often offer unique enrichment programs that you simply do not find in public schools.

The state of California does not regulate private schools closely like it does public programs – which is appealing to many parents. There is much more freedom and flexibility for private programs to be tailored to specific educational philosophies. The lack of regulation can also be problematic if you choose a private school for your child that is not committed to the highest standards. Take your time to learn about the specific standards of any private program you consider to make sure your child gets the best possible education.

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