Elements that Make Montessori Education Stand Out from Other Programs

02, Sep 2021

There are a number of elements that make Montessori education stand out from other programs. If you are considering a Montessori education for your child, it is important to dig into the details of the Montessori Philosophy. As you learn more about Montessori education it will help you determine if it is the right fit for your child. Some of the elements that make Montessori education stand out from other programs includes the long-term view of education, the individualized approach to education, and the unique enrichment opportunities throughout the year.

Long-term view of education

In the Montessori Philosophy, the goal of education is to prepare students for success in life. There is not a short-term focus on standardized test scores in the Montessori classroom like there often is in the public classroom. Instead, the design of the classroom and curriculum is focused on helping students learn concepts and develop skills that will serve them throughout life. For example, the Montessori classroom allows for self-directed learning. This process helps students develop a sense of personal responsibility for their learning. When students believe that they have a role to play in their education it can help them develop into life long learners. The long-term view of education in the Montessori classroom makes it stand out from many other programs that focus primarily on short term results.

Individualized approach to education

The Montessori Philosophy takes an individualized approach to education. The teacher spends time interacting with and observing each student. The teacher then takes information from those interactions and observations and creates a learning plan that is tailored for that student. This individualized approach to education ensures that each student can work to his or her full potential. Students who are advanced do not have to stop moving forward in order to wait for other students to catch up. Students who are struggling with a particular concept are not pressured to move on before mastering the topic. The individualized approach to education in the Montessori classroom ensures that every student gets what he or she needs. In public schools, the sheer size of the classes makes it impossible for the teacher to spend a significant amount of time with each student. In addition, the state dictates what students should learn and leaves little room for the customization of curriculum.

Unique enrichment opportunities throughout the year

The unique enrichment opportunities that are available throughout the year also help Montessori education stand out from other programs. The child-centered design of Montessori programs includes enrichment opportunities that are chosen with the unique needs and interests of students in mind. For example, Fountainhead Montessori School offers enrichment programs that students love such as the garden program, the music and movement program, and onsite field trips like ZooMobile and the Insect Lab. The flexibility that comes with a private program makes it simple for a Montessori school to introduce new enrichment programs based on student needs.

Montessori programs stand apart from public school and many private school programs. Montessori education has a long history. This type of education can serve the needs of a wide variety of students and provide unique learning opportunities. If you are considering a Montessori education for your child, schedule a time to visit Fountainhead Montessori School to observe a class and learn more about the admissions process.

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what is montessori learning

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What is Montessori Learning?
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