How Can I Apply the Montessori Method to Our Home Environment?

25, Aug 2022

The Montessori method is best known in a private school environment. But it most certainly can work at home as well with just a little adjustment to your set up. Finding what works best at home may take trying out a few different ideas but once you get the hang of establishing a Montessori environment at home, you and your child will reap the benefits.

Keep activities within a child’s reach

Independence is a very important aspect of the Montessori method. But one thing that prevents children from doing a myriad of different tasks at home is not the complexity of the tasks but rather the height at which the tasks take place. Bringing items down to your kid’s level will allow them access to them without putting your children in an unsafe place such as teetering on a chair or climbing up on something that is not completely stable. Items you can put within your child’s reach are:

  • Water dispenser
  • Snacks and bowls
  • Coat hanger
  • Hand washing station
  • A set number of toys displayed orderly on a shelf
  • Your child’s books

One activity at a time

To further instill orderliness and focus, remind your child that they will only be working on one activity at a time. If they are wanting to move on to another activity, even if they have only been playing with the current activity for a few minutes, they must completely put it away first before moving on. This will either make your child want to keep playing a little longer or they will get good practice at putting the items away. Removing most toys and activities such as puzzles from your child’s room except those which can be neatly displayed on a shelf will help keep order without overstimulating your child. By putting all other toys away in bins that are out of sight, you can switch out activities on your child’s shelf every week to help maintain interest. Keeping your child’s room orderly and clean will help your child focus on what they are doing as well as bring the day to a peaceful end as they get ready for bed without tripping over a messy room.

Encouraging coordination

Learning how to do activities such as snap buttons together or feed a button through a buttonhole will not only help a child learn how to maneuver their hands as well as a piece of clothing, but it also leads them to more independence as they are able to dress themselves at home after they have mastered this skill. Activities like learning how to fold a washcloth, towel, or even blanket will also provide more independence for the child. Some of these activities are difficult at first as the student is learning how to do them over and over again until mastery. But once they get the hang of a task, their coordination will have been strengthened by the practice, and now their confidence will soar.

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