How Habits at Home Impact Your Child in the Classroom

26, Mar 2020

The habits you establish for your child at home can have an impact on how he or she does in the classroom. Good habits at home can maximize your child’s energy, encourage focus, and optimize comprehension during class time. Establishing good habits at home is a way for you to have a positive impact on your child’s experience in the classroom.

Maximize energy

Good habits at home can help maximize your child’s energy in the classroom. Proper sleep and good nutrition will help your child have an appropriate and sustained level of energy to get through the school day without any major slumps. As a parent, you likely noticed the impact that a poor night of sleep or a meal filled with junk can have on the energy of your child. In the beginning, these factors may lead to an overabundance of energy, but it is only a matter of time before a crash. Consistent and quality sleep combined with a balanced diet can provide your child with what he or she needs to participate in the classroom fully. The habits you create at home surrounding sleep and nutrition will directly impact your child’s energy at school.

Encourage focus

Good habits at home can help encourage focus. Your child’s ability to focus can also be helped or hindered by sleep and nutrition. Stress can have an impact on a child’s ability to focus, as well. If mornings are stressful for your child, he or she will start each day at school distracted and overwhelmed. Building habits that minimize the stress of getting up, getting ready, and getting to school can help your child focus in the classroom. For example, some children need to ease into the day to avoid stress. If that is your child, then you may need to wake him or her up a little earlier to build in time for a few minutes of play or relaxation before jumping into the day. Getting adequate sleep, proper nutrition, and avoiding stress will all work together to help your child focus in the classroom.

Optimize comprehension

Sustained energy throughout the day, and the ability to focus, will both optimize comprehension for your child. For the learning your child does in the classroom to be long-lasting, comprehension must occur. Comprehension is more than memorizing facts – it is the ability to understand concepts on a deeper level. All of the habits that impact sleep, nutrition, and stress will impact comprehension as well.

Establishing and following a few good habits at home can have a big impact on your child in the classroom. It will be easier for your child to behave and learn when he or she has adequate sleep, proper nutrition, and low stress. Establishing habits that support these elements is a way that you can help your child succeed in the classroom.

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