You have completed the research, learned about the Montessori Method, and decided that Montessori education is what you want for your child – now what? Now, it is time to choose the Montessori program your child will attend. Proximity to your home is a good place to start your search, but it is not the only element that matters. Even though they share the same title, Montessori schools can vary significantly in how and what they teach. To accurately compare Montessori programs and choose the best option you need to research each school you are considering, listen to what they have to offer, and see for yourself how that school implements the Montessori Method.

Remember that Montessori programs can vary significantly

As you explore the Montessori schools in your area, you will find that they can look very different from one another. In some programs the Montessori Method is followed to the letter in the way the classrooms and curriculum are designed while others implement the tenets of the Montessori Method more loosely. The fact that each Montessori program is different makes it imperative that you take an in-depth look at the specific schools you are considering. When a school has the word ‘Montessori’ in the title you cannot assume that it implements the Montessori Method in the way you expect.

Research each school you are considering  

You can get a significant amount of information online about the Montessori schools you are considering. Look at the information on the school website and the links to outside resources. This information will give you an overview of the design and mission of the school and will help you decide if a particular program is worth pursuing further. Furthermore, you’ll be able to determine if the mission of the program aligns with the goals you have for your child.

Listen to what each Montessori school has to offer

If you have a long list of Montessori schools to consider after completing online research, then it will take time to speak with a representative from each program. You can gain valuable information about the programs you are considering and often get all of your questions answered by talking with the director of admissions at each school. This step is worth the time and effort because the impact of early education is far-reaching.

Observe how each school implements the Montessori Method

The final and most important step in choosing a Montessori school for your child is to visit the school and observe a class. Seeing the classroom in person will help you envision your child in that environment. Watching students engage in learning and interact with others will help you understand how that particular school implements the Montessori Method. This step is an invaluable part of choosing the Montessori school that is the best fit for your child.

The fact that each Montessori school is unique means that you must learn about the various options to ensure that the program you choose meets your expectations. You can find most of the information you need about a program through online research, a few intentional conversations, and an in-person visit to the campus. If Fountainhead Montessori is on your list of programs to explore, you can get started online and schedule a time for an in-person conversation and class observation at your convenience.

A Parents Guide To Montessori Education

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