The education you choose for your child will impact his or her life now and in the future. High-quality early education can positively impact the rest of your child’s life. The potential impact of this decision should cause you to invest some time in exploring options for your child’s education. If you are considering private education, there are a few elements you should consider to help you determine if it is best for your child.

Consider your educational philosophy

Take some time to consider what you believe about education. Does your educational philosophy line up with that of the public school system? If not, you need to explore the option of private education to find a program that aligns with your educational philosophy. The philosophy behind a program can inform every element from the layout of the classroom to the content in the curriculum. For example, Montessori education is child-centered. Child-centered means that the needs of the individual child are considered in every aspect of the program. If you visit a high-quality Montessori school, you will see that it is designed with the needs of the student in mind. A huge benefit of choosing private education is the fact that you can decide on a program that aligns with your educational philosophy.

Think about what your child needs

As you try to determine if private education is the best option, consider the needs of your child. In a private program, your child will have access to more individualized instruction because of the small class size. If your child is advanced, this means that he or she will be able to move through content at a quicker pace instead of having to wait for the rest of the students to catch up. If your child needs a little extra help in a specific area, the availability of individualized instruction makes that possible. The needs of your child can help you determine if private education is best.

Schedule a class observation

One of the best ways to determine if private education is best for your child is through a class observation. During a class observation, you will have the opportunity to see the design and structure of the classroom and curriculum. You will be able to watch the students and teachers interact with each other as well. Class observation is a way for you to see the educational philosophy of the school you are considering put into action.

Private education provides you with many more options than public schools. You do not have to settle for what works for the average student. Instead, you can choose a program that works for your child. Be sure and include Montessori education on your list as you look at private programs.
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