How to Sort Through the Options for Private School

07, May 2020

Choosing the best private school for your child will take some time. In this area of California, there are a number of different private schools from which to choose. You can start your search by narrowing options based on location and educational philosophy. Once you have a shortlist of options that work based on those elements, you can then schedule class observations.

Explore information online about the various programs

Your search for a private school can start online. The first parameter you should consider in your search is location. If you want to stay in the area where you currently live, then it is important to search for programs that you can drive to each day. Narrowing the search by area will help you significantly reduce the number of programs you have to sort through. Once you decide on the area where you want to search, you can start looking up private school programs within that area. The best private school programs will have a robust website that can answer many of your questions.

Learn about the different philosophies of education

Each private school is unique. You will discover that they can operate under different philosophies of education. You need to explore the educational philosophy of any private school you consider to determine if it aligns with your own. An example of educational philosophy is the Montessori Philosophy. The Montessori Philosophy of education is built on a number of tenets that inform the way classrooms and curriculum are designed. If you look at other types of private schools, you will find that they are based on other educational philosophies. The most important element to understand about this step of the process is that each school – even schools with the same overarching philosophy – implement things differently. You need to gain a clear understanding of the educational philosophy of any program you are considering in order to sort through the options.

Schedule a time to observe a class

Once you narrow down the options by location and educational philosophy, you should schedule a time to observe a class at the private schools on your shortlist. Observing a class is a great way to sort through the options for private school. A class observation will provide you with a firsthand view of how the school and classroom operate. You can also ask questions and get application information during your time on campus. This step can help you make a final decision about which private school is best for your child.

The three steps outlined above will help you sort through the private school options in your area. If you are interested in learning more about private schools that ascribe to the Montessori Philosophy of education, you can visit the online parent library provided by Fountainhead Montessori School.

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what is montessori learning

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What is Montessori Learning?
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