I Want My Child to Excel – Is Montessori Education the Best Option?

09, Sep 2020

Montessori education is a great option if you are looking for a program in which your child can excel. The Montessori Philosophy was developed by Maria Montessori over a career in which she worked directly with a wide range of students. She found that even students who fell behind in a traditional classroom and those labeled as ‘difficult’ could learn and excel when provided with the right type of environment. These findings led Montessori to develop a philosophy of education that would allow every student to excel. Some of the elements that make the Montessori classroom a place where your child can excel, include the small class sizes, the focus on the long-term impact of education, and the creation of individualized learning plans.

Smaller class sizes than public schools

Smaller class sizes are an integral element of helping children excel in the classroom. The smaller class sizes that you will find in Montessori programs provide a number of benefits to students. There is more flexibility and freedom in a small classroom. In smaller classes, teachers can focus more on instruction as opposed to crowd control. Your student can get the attention and help he or she needs in order to excel when the teacher has the bandwidth to interact with each student on an individual level. Montessori programs keep class sizes smaller than the typical public school classroom in order to provide an environment that helps students excel.

Focus on the long-term impact of education

In the Montessori Philosophy of education, the goal of the school is to prepare students for success in life. This long-term view of education has a direct impact on what is taught in the classroom. The expectations for students are also defined with this long-term goal in mind. Putting an emphasis on the long-term impact of education creates an environment where mastery is valued over test scores. This means that your student will receive the time and resources necessary to truly master the concepts in the classroom. A firm foundation of mastery in the early years of education will help your student excel in the Montessori classroom and beyond.

Individualized learning plan

In the Montessori classroom, each student is provided with an individualized learning plan. The teacher observes and interacts with each student to gain an understanding of where the student is academically. Through this process, the teacher also learns about the student’s interest. With the information about the student’s academic needs and personal interests, the teacher then creates an individualized learning plan. Each learning plan is designed to help the student reach his or her full potential and enjoy the process. The focus on the individual child in the Montessori classroom is one of the biggest factors that impact your child’s ability to excel.

Each aspect of the Montessori classroom is designed to help your child excel. You can learn even more about the Montessori Philosophy through the resources in the Fountainhead Montessori Parent Library. And, if you want to see for yourself what a Montessori program can offer, schedule a time to observe a class.

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A parent's guide to a Montessori Education for your child
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