Is a Private School Education More Academically Rigorous?

23, Jun 2022

As your child approaches the age of attending full school days, you may be weighing the pros and cons of private school versus the more common public education options. While the biggest disadvantage of enrolling your student in private school is the added cost of tuition, the benefits may far exceed any downside to choosing a solid private school


Because each private school is able to operate on its own and has the ability to implement activities and mold curriculum to fit their students, there can be a big difference in the academic rigor of a private school education. Finding a private school within the radius of how far you are wanting to travel daily for your child’s school that meets your standard of education may be difficult, depending on where you live. But because many private schools do not have to deal with the confining restrictions of public education that are meant to help but so often end up holding students back, private schools are free to explore educational ways to teach that will deepen and enrich your child’s education.

Specialized focus

Different private schools have the freedom to choose a specialized focus that can make them appeal to different students or families that are attracted to that focus. While some may choose to offer an exceptional standard and plethora of art related classes, other private schools are known for their academic emphasis.

Class size

Unlike public school, a private school can set a cap for the number of students in a classroom and is not obligated to take everyone. This allows for the class size to be controlled. There will not be so many students in a classroom that the teacher is left unable to give each of them the amount of attention and help that they need to thrive. The number of students in a classroom is limited to the amount of students a single teacher can teach well. With the added pressure of families paying tuition for their students' education, there will be a higher expectation for the teachers to make sure that no student falls through the cracks or is left unassisted if they need help.

The gift of choice

While there is not a consistent standard for private school, the best part of choosing a private education for your child is that you have a choice in which private school to enroll your student. If a private school is academically rigorous or not, you get to choose which educational emphasis you want your child to have. High scholastic standards will help your child to develop good study habits and be able to juggle multiple assignments and activities. These skills will help them in college and later, in the workforce. A private school that follows the Montessori approach will also benefit your child in areas of independence, organization, and coordination. If you are searching for a private school in the Bay Area, be sure to look into Fountainhead Montessori School by scheduling an observational appointment today.

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