Is Montessori Education a Good Idea for My Child?

21, Oct 2021

The type of education you choose for your child will impact your child’s future in a number of ways. Private school is an option that can provide your child with opportunities that simply are not available in public programs. One type of private education that you should explore in your search is Montessori education. Montessori education is a good idea for your child because it can provide individualized attention, opportunities for focused learning, and access to unique enrichment opportunities.

Individualized attention

One of the major draws of a private Montessori education is that your child will receive a level of individualized attention that is not possible in a large public classroom. The design of the Montessori classroom is to have a small student to teacher ratio. This allows the teacher to interact with and observe each student. Through those interactions and observations, the teacher develops individualized learning plans. Your child will receive instruction and learning opportunities that are tailored to his or her needs in the Montessori classroom.

Opportunities for focused learning

Another reason Montessori education is a good idea for your child is the fact that it provides opportunities for focused learning. There is a common misconception that children cannot focus deeply on one thing. Maria Montessori observed that students can, in fact, engage in focused learning when provided with the right type of environment and activities. In the Montessori classroom, the teacher sets up learning stations where students have the opportunity to engage in focused, hands-on learning. The opportunity to engage in activities that require focus will benefit your child both inside and outside of the classroom.

Access to unique enrichment opportunities

A Montessori education can provide your child with access to unique enrichment opportunities. The opportunities can include things like language immersion, technology-based programs, and even gardening. In the Montessori Philosophy, enrichment opportunities are highly valued. Since Montessori programs are private, the school has the freedom to choose enrichment opportunities based on the needs and interests of the students. If you want your child to have unique enrichment opportunities, a Montessori education is a good idea.

A Montessori education has a lot to offer students. The foundational beliefs about education in the Montessori Philosophy are based on the overarching goal of preparing students for success in life. You can set your child up for success in school and in life by choosing a Montessori program. The absolute best way to determine if Montessori education will be a good idea for your child is to set up a time to observe a class. You can observe a class at Fountainhead Montessori School and see how the various elements of the Montessori method are implemented. The step of observing a class will allow you to see for yourself all the ways that a Montessori education is a good idea for your child.

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A parent's guide to a Montessori Education for your child
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