Is Private School a Good Option For a Child with a Learning Disability?

19, Jul 2022

Fitting every child in a specific, predetermined mold does not serve the individual needs of any child. Public school often keeps all students, whether advanced for their age or needing extra help, at the same level. For a child with learning disabilities, this rigid classroom structure may be suffocating and frustrating. Exploring other types of schools in your area can allow you to determine what kind of environment your student with learning challenges needs to give your child the opportunity to thrive in a learning setting. Private schools can all be quite different and will give you a good variety to decide what is best for your child.

Private schools are individually run

While each private school is able to operate on its own and has the ability to implement activities and form curriculum to fit their students, as the parent you will be able to determine which private school is a good option for your child with a learning disability. Each private school can have a different academic rigor and focus of study for their students. Finding a private school within so many miles of your home and work that provides an education that allows your student the freedom to explore ways that fit their needs and helps them to thrive in a classroom setting.

Focused learning

Different private schools have the freedom to choose a specialized focus that can make them appeal to different students or families that are attracted to that focus. For a child with special learning needs, a Montessori classroom, for example, will allow your young child to move around the room, being led by their own interests while sharpening skills in order, independence, and interacting with their fellow classmates.

Number of students

Class size can be a deciding factor when it comes to your child’s ability to thrive in a classroom. Unlike public school, a private school can limit the number of students in a classroom. They also do not have to take every student that applies, which allows for the class size to be controlled. Your student will get the individualized attention they need so they can be successful in the classroom. Regardless of your child’s learning disability, you and the school's administration can decide where your child will have the best attention so that learning can happen.

Freedom to choose

When seeking an alternative to public school, you are given the ability to find the right environment for your child. If you are searching for a private school in the Bay Area, be sure to look into Fountainhead Montessori School by scheduling an observational appointment today. A Montessori environment is geared toward allowing a child freedom to move around and choose what they want to learn, while keeping order and peace in the classroom. This is why a Montessori school could be a great option for your child with learning challenges.

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