Should I Move My Child from Public School to Private School?

11, Jun 2020

Do you have a child who is currently in a public school? Are there elements of your child’s public education that you want to change? If so, you should consider the option of private education. There are a number of reasons why you may wish to withdraw your student from public school in favor of a private program. When compared to public education, a private school can provide your child with smaller class sizes, a different educational philosophy, more individualization, and additional enrichment opportunities.

Smaller class sizes

Many public school programs are overburdened by the number of students. As an area grows, the school system can have a difficult time keeping up with the increasing number of students. It takes time to construct new buildings and hire new teachers. As a stopgap, many schools simply put more and more students in each classroom. Larger class sizes can make it difficult for the teacher to keep student behavior under control and give each student individualized attention. Private schools have more control over the number of students that enter a program. Because of this, private programs can keep class sizes small. If you are concerned with the classroom size at your child’s public school, it is worth considering a move to private school.

Different educational philosophy

The design of the public school is to provide students throughout the state with the same basic education, which means that all of the public schools in the state operate using the same educational philosophy. If your own beliefs about learning and education do not align with the state-wide philosophy, it may be difficult for you to keep your child in public school. Private schools can operate under various educational philosophies. You can research the options in your area and choose a private school that aligns with your educational philosophy.

More individualization

In public schools, teachers are required to follow a set of standards set forth by the state. The curriculum is designed to ensure that each standard is met over the course of the school year. The standards are designed to meet the needs of the most students possible. In other words, public school standards are based on the average. If your student falls somewhere outside of the average public school may not be a great fit. Private programs offer more individualization because of class size and the design of the curriculum. For example, if your child is gifted, you can find a private program that allows him or her to continue moving forward without needing to wait for other students to catch up.

Additional enrichment opportunities

Private schools have more flexibility than public when it comes to offering enrichment opportunities. Private programs do not have to cut through a ton of red tape to offer a new program. You can explore the enrichment opportunities offered at private programs near you to help with the decision of moving your child from public to private school.

Moving your child from public school to private school is a big decision. You do not want to cause unnecessary turmoil in the life of your child. However, many parents find that the temporary disruption is worth it because of the long-lasting benefits that come from a private education.

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