The early education your child receives will set the stage for his or her entire educational career. Because of this, many parents struggle to decide which educational option is the best choice. Private school can be a better option than public school. Each private program is different, so it is important to learn about the specifics of the programs you are considering. In general, you will find that private school offers smaller class sizes, more individualized instruction, exposure to unique enrichment programs, and more flexibility with the curriculum.

Smaller class size

Many private schools intentionally maintain small student to teacher ratios. Keeping the classes small provides more flexibility for students and the teacher. Less time has to be spent on ‘crowd control’, and more time can be spent on instruction in classes with fewer students. In addition, a smaller class size makes it easier for the teacher to introduce new concepts, apply different teaching methods, and give each student a voice.

Individualized instruction

In the smaller classroom of private school programs, the teacher gets more time with each student. This smaller class size allows for a level of individualized instruction that would not be possible in a classroom with a lot of students. In some programs, such as Fountainhead Montessori School, teachers also create individualized learning plans for each student. The individualized design of private schools is better for any student who would benefit from an individualized teaching design.

Exposure to unique enrichment programs

Another benefit of private school is that it can give your child exposure to unique enrichment programs. For example, at Fountainhead Montessori School, students have the opportunity to participate in language immersion programs at the elementary level. This opportunity provides students with the chance to learn a language in a way that is fun and effective. Private schools have the flexibility and freedom to choose and offer a variety of enrichment programs.

More flexibility with curriculum

The mandates of the state largely dictate the public school system. In California, public schools are required to design and implement a curriculum that aligns with state standards, and to ensure that students in classrooms throughout California receive the same level of education. In private schools, the teachers have more flexibility when it comes to curriculum. This flexibility allows teachers to provide instruction that is innovative, unique, and customized to the needs of students. Also, teachers can focus on the learning of students instead of worrying about teaching for a test – which often happens in the public school classroom.

Private school is better for your child in many ways. If you are looking for an education that is individualized and unique, private school is the way to go. A great way to learn more about the benefits of a private school is to schedule a time to observe a class.

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