Is Private School Worth the Cost for Early Education?

08, Dec 2020

Is providing your child with a quality education a top priority for you? That is an easy question for most parents to answer. Many families choose a private school from kindergarten and up as a way to provide the best possible education for their children. A private school is also an option if you have kids who are not yet old enough for kindergarten. A quality early education is extremely valuable, but it is important to ask if a private school is worth the cost for your child’s early education. In order to decide if it is worth it to you to send your child to a private early education program, you need to answer a few questions: Are there quality private programs near you? What factors make a private school better than a daycare? How much does a private school early education cost?

Are there quality private school programs near you?

Before you spend a lot of time trying to determine if private school is worth the cost for early education, you need to look at the practical element of location. How far are you willing to drive each day to take your child to preschool? Thinking about where the various programs are located will help you quickly narrow down the list so you can do thorough research.

What factors make private school better than daycare?

A private preschool is different than a daycare. In daycare, the main goal is to provide care for children when the parents are working or busy. Daycare programs will have a basic schedule that they follow and may even sprinkle some educational activities throughout the day. A private school with an early education program offers a completely different design. Private early education is designed much like private school for kids in kindergarten and up. The preschool has a curriculum and a purpose for every day. Your child will learn, grow, and make progress academically in a private preschool program. For example, students in the early education program at Fountainhead Montessori School will engage in practical life activities, sensorial exploration, art media exploration, language development activities, pre-reading/pre-math activities, and have valuable social interactions with peers and teachers. Every element of the preschool experience at Fountainhead Montessori School is intentionally designed to provide the most value to students. The design of the program, training of the teachers, and goals for students make private early education stand out from the traditional daycare model.

How much does a private school early education cost?

Price is an important factor to consider as you search for a private preschool program for your child. Every school will have its own pricing structure. If you are trying to choose between daycare and private preschool, you need to get numbers from both options to compare. You may be surprised to learn how affordable private preschool is when compared to the cost of daycare. Be sure and get all the numbers when you are ready to compare, including application fees, before and after care, and costs for any extras throughout the year.

Is private school worth the cost for early education? When you start to really look into the differences between a traditional daycare and a high-quality private preschool, that question will answer itself. Going to a private preschool program can prepare your child for kindergarten (and beyond) and create a positive first experience of school.

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