Private School vs. Public School - Here are Some Facts

04, Feb 2020

You have several different options when it comes to educating your child. The two broad categories of education are private schools and public schools. Within each of those categories of schools, you will find that there are multiple variations in the programs. Before you get overwhelmed with the sheer volume of information about potential programs, start by learning the basic but important differences between private schools and public school. Once you understand the basic ways that these two types of programs differ, you will have an idea of which one is the right fit for your child.

Classroom size is drastically different

The size of the private school classroom vs. the public school classroom can vary drastically. Private school classrooms several small to maximize the benefits to students. Students in a small class can get more individualized attention from the teacher than those who are in an over-crowded public classroom. The large size of public school classrooms can make discipline a problem. It is much more difficult to keep tabs on thirty students in comparison to ten students. This difference in class size will provide your child with the opportunity to receive individualized instruction if you choose private school.

Educational philosophy

Private schools and public schools have different educational philosophies. Private schools have the freedom and flexibility to design the classroom and curriculum around a guiding philosophy. Public schools, on the other hand, are much more limited in this area. Public programs are required to follow certain standards established by the state to ensure that instruction is consistent. The educational philosophy of a school impacts every element of that program including the training of the teachers and the curriculum.

Design of the classroom

When you think of a typical public school classroom a vision of students sitting in desks likely pops into your head. There is not a lot of variation when it comes to classroom design in public schools. Large classrooms often have to be designed in a way that helps the teacher maintain order. The design of a small private school classroom can look much different. Teachers in private school have more flexibility when it comes to laying out the classroom because they have fewer students and fewer restrictions. This flexibility means that the private school classroom can, in the way that best serves the needs of the students.

The fact is that public schools and private schools can be very different from one another. To determine which option is best for your child, you should consider the educational philosophy of the programs and the needs of your child. You can learn more about what a program has to offer by scheduling a time to tour the campus and observe a class.

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what is montessori learning

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What is Montessori Learning?
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