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19, Aug 2020

What are your goals for your child’s education? You expect your child to get the basic, foundational elements of an education, such as learning to read, write, and understand core math concepts. As your child gets older, you expect that foundation to be expanded and built upon with more complex concepts. The basics are a good place to start, but many parents are looking for more than a ‘basic’ education. You can provide your child with a unique educational experience that includes the basics and so much more. Montessori education is an example of a unique design that will provide your child with a strong foundation as well as a unique experience. The things that make a Montessori education a unique experience include the design of the classroom, the availability of enrichment programs, and the expectations of the students.

Design of the classroom

The Montessori classroom is designed with the needs of the student in mind. This means that the physical environment is set up in a way that makes it easy for the students to thrive. For example, in the Montessori classrooms at Fountainhead Montessori School, you will see that everything the students need throughout the day is within reach. All of the chairs and tables are kid-sized, and there is no large desk that the teacher sits behind throughout class. There are also hands-on activities set up around the room instead of rows of desks. Students in the Montessori classroom are not expected to sit silently in a desk for hours on end. Instead, the children are able to move around, work together, and engage in hands-on learning. All of these elements are unique in the Montessori classroom when compared to the more traditional classroom.

Availability of enrichment programs

The process of bringing in new and unique enrichment programs in public schools is made difficult by factors such as funding and bureaucracy. In a private school setting, students get more access to unique enrichment programs. The private schools have more freedom and flexibility when it comes to bringing in unique enrichment programs. For example, at Fountainhead Montessori School, students can participate in enrichment programs such as language immersion, music and movement, and gardening. If there are enrichment programs you would like your child to have access to, the process of bringing them in is much simpler in a private school setting.

Expectations of students

You can provide your child with a unique educational experience by choosing a program that has unique expectations of students. The design of the public school is often to teach students to follow the rules and do well on standardized tests. These are skills that do not necessarily translate well into adult life. You can give your child a unique and valuable experience by choosing a program that has different expectations. For example, students in a Montessori program are expected to be able to work independently, in groups, and think critically. In the classroom, students are given responsibilities from day one and are expected to work through issues on their own whenever possible – instead of bringing in the teacher for every little thing. These expectations help students learn to think critically and take responsibility for their learning and their actions.

If you want more for your child than a ‘basic’ education, consider looking for programs that have a unique approach to teaching. Montessori education is a good place to start exploring if you want your child to learn skills and qualities that can be applied in the world outside of the classroom.  

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what is montessori learning

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What is Montessori Learning?
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