Surprising Benefits of Sending Your Child to Montessori School

22, Jul 2021

When parents consider private school, one of the major benefits they look for is a rigorous academic program. The public school system is overburdened and often cannot provide advanced and high achieving students with the level of challenge they need. Turning to a private program is a way to ensure that your child receives the level of education he or she needs. A Montessori program can provide the challenge that your child needs – or extra support – along with a number of other surprising benefits.

Individualized learning plan

One of the unique and surprising benefits of sending your child to Montessori school is that he or she will receive an individualized learning plan. The Montessori Philosophy is centered around the belief that each child has unique learning needs. This belief is reflected in the way that the curriculum is developed and taught. The teacher interacts with and observes each student and uses that information to develop an individualized learning plan. Individualized instruction is a big benefit to choosing a Montessori education for your child.

Mixed-age classroom

The Montessori classroom is one of the only places that you will find a mixed-age classroom design. The mixed-age classroom is often a surprise to people who are unfamiliar with Montessori education. In lower and upper elementary you will find mixed-age classrooms. Students can learn from each other and take on roles that they would not necessarily have in a classroom full of peers the exact same age. Older students get the chance to be leaders and younger students can engage in learning differently when they learn from the older kids they look up to.

Child centered classroom design

The classroom design in a Montessori program is typically very different from what you will find in a public school. Parents are often surprised to see how different the Montessori classroom is. In the Montessori Philosophy of education, the classroom has a child centered design. The positioning of the desks, layout of the room, and the way everything is stored all centers around the needs of the students. This is a departure from the traditional classroom design.

Unique enrichment programs

The unique enrichment programs that are available through Montessori can provide surprising benefits. Private schools have much more freedom and flexibility than public schools when it comes to offering enrichment programs. The unique options are often surprising to parents. For example, Fountainhead Montessori School offers enrichment programs such as language immersion, gardening, yoga, and more.

The design of a Montessori program is full of surprises if you are accustomed to the design of public programs. You can explore the differences that Montessori education provides by scheduling a time to observe a class and tour the campus of Fountainhead Montessori School.

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A parent's guide to a Montessori Education for your child
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