The Benefits of a Language Immersion Program for Your Child

20, Jul 2021

Learning a second language is a goal for many people. There are a number of benefits that you can enjoy when you learn a second language and experience a different culture. If you have tried to learn a second language but are still working toward fluency, then you know the challenges that language learning can present. Language immersion is, by far, the best way to truly learn a language. It is not always possible to go and spend months or years in another country to learn the language. You can provide some of the benefits of language immersion to your child by choosing a school that offers a language immersion program. Fountainhead Montessori School offers a Spanish Immersion program as well as a Mandarin Immersion Program. Some of the benefits of a language immersion program for your child include: exposure to another culture, a strong foundation for future fluency, and improved opportunities in the future.

Expose your child to another culture

A language immersion program is an excellent way to expose your child to another culture. There is great value in being exposed to a variety of cultures from a young age. In the language immersion programs at Fountainhead Montessori School, students get the chance to be taught by a native speaker of either Spanish or Mandarin. Students also have opportunities to learn about the culture surrounding the language.

Lay the foundation for future fluency

Language fluency is something that takes time and work. Putting your child in a language immersion program can lay the foundation for future fluency. A big part of gaining fluency is feeling comfortable trying to speak another language. Children often feel more freedom with this process because they are less aware of or concerned about what others think. Building up confidence and becoming accustomed to hearing the language spoken are foundational elements of developing fluency in the future. A language immersion program will provide your child with daily opportunities to practice speaking and listening to their new language.

Open up opportunities in the future

Speaking a second language can open up opportunities for your child in the future. Being bilingual can give your child a competitive edge when it is time to apply for college or interview for a job. Your child will likely get unique opportunities throughout life because of the value that knowing a second language can bring. You can provide your child with an edge in many situations by choosing a language immersion program now.

The benefits of knowing a second language are well documented and have years of research backing them up. You can get your child started on the process of learning a second language by choosing a language immersion program at Fountainhead Montessori School. You can learn more about the language immersion programs on the FMS website and blog.

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