The Benefits of Choosing a Private Montessori Education for Your Child

26, Nov 2020

Choosing private Montessori education for your child will provide an experience that is very different from traditional public schools. The benefits of a private Montessori program can impact your child’s experience in school and approach to learning throughout life. The overarching goal of Montessori education is to prepare students for success in life. This view informs the way that each element of Montessori education is designed and implemented. The list of benefits that come with choosing a private Montessori education for your child is a long one – you can start exploring some of those benefits below.

Hands-on learning opportunities

A big benefit of choosing a private Montessori education for your child is that she or he will be provided with opportunities for hands-on learning every day. You will not see students in a Montessori classroom sitting at desks and completing worksheet after worksheet. Instead, you will find students in the Montessori classroom learning by engaging as many of their senses as possible. Hands-on learning is always the first choice in the Montessori classroom. For example, students in the Montessori classroom will learn about the lifecycle of plants by working with real plants. Instead of learning about the parts of a flower from a drawing, Montessori students will learn about the parts of a flower by touching and looking at a real flower. A focus on hands-on learning keeps students engaged and helps them realize that learning can happen anywhere, not only in the classroom.

Unique enrichment programs

Private Montessori schools have more flexibility than public schools when it comes to offering enrichment programs. Private programs are not regulated by the state in the same way as public programs. A private Montessori school does not have to cut through a bunch of red tape in order to bring in a new enrichment program. The administration at a private Montessori program can bring in any enrichment program that aligns with the Montessori Philosophy and meets the needs of students. This flexibility allows for a wide range of enrichment opportunities in private Montessori schools, which will ultimately benefit your student.

Individualized instruction

One of the foundational elements of the Montessori Method is providing individualized instruction for each student. Students are viewed as individuals with unique interests and educational needs. Teachers in private Montessori schools create individualized learning plans for students. The plans are created based on the observation that the teacher does of each student. This individualized approach will allow your child to fully master a concept before moving on to the next concept. Each student is able to move as quickly or as slowly as necessary to ensure mastery and prevent boredom. This design keeps school engaging for every student and ensures that each student develops a firm foundation to build upon.

The benefits of Montessori education that are outlined above are a small example of what you can expect if you choose a private Montessori school for your child. To gain a deeper understanding of how a private Montessori education will benefit your child, schedule a time to observe a class. During a class observation, you can see how the unique elements of the Montessori Philosophy are applied inside the classroom.

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what is montessori learning

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What is Montessori Learning?
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