The Important Role of Practical Life Activities in Montessori Education

22, Apr 2021

Montessori school can provide your child with a unique and valuable education starting in preschool. Each Montessori classroom is designed intentionally, so every student has the opportunity to learn. Even the youngest Montessori students learn important skills while at school. The time spent in preschool is not wasted but rather used intentionally. The preschool Montessori classroom is a fun and engaging learning environment because the curriculum is focused on practical life activities. Practical life activities play an important role in Montessori education.

What are practical life activities?

Practical life activities are those activities that all children need to learn in order to gain increasing levels of independence. Putting on and taking off a jacket, washing hands, and sweeping the floor are all examples of practical life activities. Young Montessori students engage in these practical life activities and many more inside the classroom.

What role do practical life activities play in Montessori education?

Practical life activities play an important role in Montessori education. The overarching goal of Montessori education is to prepare students for success in life. One of the ways to prepare students for success in life is to help them develop independence. Practical life activities are designed to help students develop independence. This is essential because as students go through a Montessori program, they are expected to do things like clean up after themselves in the classroom. When students are taught practical life activities, they will be equipped to succeed as they progress through a Montessori program.

Which students focus on practical life activities?

The youngest Montessori students focus on practical life activities. These activities are foundational, so it is important to start teaching them as early as possible. Children in a preschool Montessori program will engage in practical life activities inside the classroom. Students will learn how to clean up after themselves, serve others, and engage in self-care. Tasks that seem automatic and simple to adults were all things that had to be taught at some point. The Montessori classroom is a place where students can learn tasks that will serve them well during their school years and throughout life. When it is time to move up to kindergarten, the students will have the skills they need to do well in the Montessori classroom. For parents, this process can be beneficial at home as well. Young students can practice the skills they learn at school in the home and maybe even contribute a little more at home.

Practical life activities play an important role in the preschool Montessori classroom and throughout the lower and upper elementary programs. When students learn how to care for themselves and their environment through practical life activities, they have skills that are important at all stages of life.

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