The Role of Enrichment Activities in Montessori Education

11, Feb 2021

In Montessori education, enrichment activities are much more than something designed for fun or to keep students occupied. The enrichment activities and programs that are offered in a Montessori setting are carefully chosen to ensure that they align with the goals and tenets of Montessori education. The role of enrichment activities in Montessori education is to help expand the thinking and horizons of students, connect classroom learning to the world as a whole, and help each student develop into an independent thinker.

Expand thinking and horizons

The foundation that students get in the Montessori classroom is an essential part of quality education. Enrichment programs can build upon that foundation and be used to expand the thinking and horizons of students. For example, Fountainhead Montessori offers both Mandarin and Spanish immersion programs. These programs expand the thinking and horizons of students as they learn how big the world really is by experiencing a new language. Enrichment programs can provide students with new experiences and help them view the world in a different way. In Montessori education, expanding the horizons of students through enrichment programs is an important part of helping them develop into people who are successful in life.

Connect classroom learning to the world as a whole

When students start to see a connection between what they learn in the classroom and what happens in the world outside the classroom, it can help cement their learning and change their perspective on the value of school. Science is an interesting subject for many students, but taking the learning you do about plants in the classroom and applying it in a gardening enrichment program can bring that learning to life. Enrichment programs are a bridge between classroom learning and the world as a whole. In Montessori education, preparing students for success in life is the ultimate goal. When students internalize the value of education through enrichment programs, it sets them up for greater success in their lives going forward.

Develop into an independent learner

Helping students develop into independent learners is a central part of the Montessori Philosophy of education. In the classroom, students have opportunities to work independently and engage in focused work. Both of these elements will help a student take responsibility for his or her learning and start developing into an independent learner. Enrichment activities also help students develop independence and an ability to focus. For example, chess is sometimes offered as an enrichment activity in Montessori programs. Chess is an activity that requires focus, thought, and independence. Each enrichment activity that is offered through a Montessori program is intentionally chosen to support what is happening inside the classroom.

The enrichment activities that your student engages in can have a big impact on his or her success in the classroom and in life beyond the classroom. In Montessori education, there is a significant emphasis put on the importance of enrichment activities for students. At Fountainhead Montessori, we offer a wide variety of enrichment activities to ensure that every student has the opportunity to expand thinking and horizons, connect classroom learning to the world as a whole, and develop into an independent thinker.

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