The Role of the Outdoors in Montessori Education

15, Jun 2021

The outdoors can play a big role in Montessori education. The Montessori Philosophy incorporates hands-on and experiential activities whenever possible. Taking the classroom outside is a way to bring learning to life for students. In Montessori education, the outdoors are incorporated into instruction to provide students with physical activity, opportunities for learning, and to help them develop an appreciation of nature.

Physical Activity

Physical activity is an important part of life regardless of age. For children, incorporating outdoor physical activity in school can help establish important, lifelong habits. Outdoor physical activity is a priority in Montessori education. Students are provided with time each day to get outside and get moving. Free play on outside equipment and structured physical activity are both used to provide students with physical activity and teach them about caring for their bodies.


Montessori education includes multiple opportunities for learning outdoors. At Fountainhead Montessori School, outdoor learning activities include options such as gardening, botany, and zoology. This approach to learning is part of the Montessori commitment to providing students with hands-on learning activities. For example, learning about a flower by looking at a picture is a lot different from learning about that same flower by holding it in your hands. Taking the classroom outdoors can significantly enhance learning for students in Montessori programs. The outdoors are considered an extension of the Montessori classroom.

Appreciation for nature

Montessori programs can also use outdoor education to help students develop an appreciation for nature. There is much that can be learned and gained from having an appreciation for nature. Spending time outside and learning about the various elements of nature can help students develop a connection that will continue throughout life. Learning about the ways that nature contributes to the everyday lives of people is one way that students can learn to appreciate nature. Experiencing the colors, sounds, sights, and textures of nature can also help students develop a love for the outdoors.

The Montessori Philosophy looks at outdoor education as an integral part of the overall learning process. The outdoors are an extension of the Montessori classroom that can be used to further the learning and experiences of the students. The approach to education in Montessori school allows the teacher to incorporate outdoor learning seamlessly into learning plans. Every student is provided with an individualized learning plan that can include learning inside the classroom as well as outdoors. At Fountainhead Montessori School, outdoor education is a top priority. You can schedule a time to tour the campus and observe a class. During your time on campus, you can see for yourself the role that the outdoors play in Montessori education.

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